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Asgoodasdead Report | 02/22/2017 3:23 pm
Head's up, Sandman's Forbidden Fruit was rereleased in some bundles, so it might drop in price.
Asgoodasdead Report | 12/19/2016 10:47 pm
Asgoodasdead Report | 12/19/2016 1:02 am
Sandman's Labyrinth was re released, so it has dropped a TON in price. I'd buy it for you, but I am currently lacking funds lol.
Asgoodasdead Report | 12/13/2016 12:15 am
Hehe you're welcome! heart
Cotton Candy Panic Report | 02/19/2016 11:51 am
Cotton Candy Panic
Ah buttbiscuits, this is what I get for not logging in this month. gonk
Spyrite Report | 11/09/2015 9:26 am
So jelly. I wanted it, but only PS4. I will try to get it. I must. But first, gonna save up for a PS4. By then the CE will be tons in price. Amazing CE, worth it.

Richard is a good char, personality and combat wise. But otakus in JP got way too frustrated that their waifu wasn't much in the game. Well, we got a free DLC out of it.
There better be. It made a foreshadowing that there could be a sequel... DX

I only followed the stars, and made the assumption that there is malevolence to purify. At first I just thought talking to Alisha or Rose was to know where to go in the story, but it also give us side quests, as well, inn skits or save point skits make side quests to appear. So check every time. As well learn things. -nods- I wish developers made a better job on explaining the situation in the game. I guess all went into the battle system, big world and weapon/skill system. The story needed more. As I said, I enjoy it quite, just needed more work.
Spyrite Report | 11/09/2015 5:31 am
Forgot to mention, Richard had the same problems with fans overreacting?
Spyrite Report | 11/09/2015 5:19 am
Awesome. Best console version. Frame rate in scenes is not a problem there, I presume?

The story needed a bit more work. Some things I got confused by, and they explained it in skits. Would have been much better in actual story parts, because you can miss those skits. Like the one explaining about how a villain can still not became a hellion if his intentions are really what they believe it purely. Even they said in the skit it is a confusing situation. xD Even so, the game is a good solid game. Super fun and deep combat system, a nice decent story, amazingly great cast, wonderful voice acting, many sidequests go enrich the story more or deepens the lore, or at times makes us learn a bit about characters or develops them, skits are always a hoot, anime parts are more this time as well as beautiful, beautiful environment, fantastic music, some very nice touching story scenes, intricate and detailed weapon/skill/growth system. I definitely enjoy this game a lot. And it has become one of my favorites. Did you got the CE?
Spyrite Report | 11/09/2015 4:59 am
I am! How bout you? Which version? I am on the inferior PS3 one. xD But still loads of fun. The JP reviews did not falter me, and it's better than I thought it would be. Favorite Tales cast by miles.
Asgoodasdead Report | 09/05/2015 7:58 pm
You're welcome! ^_^ I'm glad I could get you something I knew you would love! heart That's awesome, I'm glad you had a great day! emotion_hug