About me ? :]

Hey, Names' Farjana
I have many nicknames.
I am 16 years youngin ,
my birthday is march 29th
I was born in ATL , Ga
I am South East Asian
Religion is Muslim
Ethnicity : Bengali
Parents from Bangladesh
I love Hollywood &; Bollywood
I go to Meadow creek HS
There's alot behind me ; my past.
get to know me first
cause i might be useful to you
i like &; dislike a lot of things .
add me and hit me up peacee <3


Johnny !

This is my Best Friend
Johnny Boo ! <3 he has always
been there for me , through
good and bad times , we go
long back and i love em so much
ill do anything for em ,
he's a really cool and nice guy
so if you add em he might be useful
to you &;; uhmm he's sexyy aha : D
peace <3 : )
-Ayeejana xD
Perverted Johnny

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It's me
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