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Me and my girls ;P are hotter then you



I'ma girl, just making that clear :3


What makes this target grow,
Is it when his feelings show?
Hold a gun to his head and you'll know,
You've pushed him down as low as he can go,
Go! Get away from me,
Leave me be,
I beg you please,
I'm on the floor on bended knee.
Maybe then I'll keep my sanity.

And I can't stand this pain they cause me,
This puzzle will solve itself,
And maybe I just can't seem to put this together yet.

Picture this he was just a kid,
Not knowing where to begin,
He wore all the wrong clothes followed all the wrong trends,
Persecuted for the things he did.
Picture this he was all alone,
Without a friend to call his own so he sat on his bed,
With the thought in his head,
With wishes that they all were dead.
But then he saw the light,
Gained the will to fight,
Saw that victory was in sight,
But soon they all will see.

"horrible kids" -set it off

Er yeah introductions...
Hmm let's see.

A lot of things scare me that shouldn't. I like art. I cosplay (even if i kinda suck). I'm bad at writing but exceed in reading, which makes no sense what-so ever. If your still reading this you must either be bored or enjoy reading lists of facts. My zodiac is Scorpio. I have a shitty self-esteem, and surprisingly it seems my awkwardness has increased with age. I like music, but that's not anything special, most people do. I was a strange, weird, kid, it was kinda great. Romance in general scare the hell out of me. I have a tumblr, It also sucks. c: I occasionally play videos games. Disney makes me feel bipolar..

Did you enjoy reading that useless information?
Indeed it probably doesn't describe me very well.

heh, thats bullshit.

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