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    αwful here
    Twenty one; birthday november 11th
    My heart is taken by him |120514|
    I’m pretty sure i have insomnia.
    & i have four cats; three :c RIP Lunar
    I like tattoos & i have two but I want more.
    I'm a movie fanatic & I quote movies all the time.
    Did i mention i was bad at these tings?
    I've always wanted to own a Volkswagen beetle.
    I'm obsessed with the sky, the moon & xfiles.
    I like to write, read, draw,
    & pretend to be a photographer
    I would like to be a writer for a living or photographer.
    I am sort of addicted to getting avi art.
    I’m afraid i’m going to fail at life; probably already am.
    I feel like i talk to much, so i’m going to shut up now.
    So why are you still reading this?
    I'm nothing special.

awful-ly delirious

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