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Name: Nero
Father: Vergil
Mother: Serenity/Shiboi
Race: demon
Extra(in characters p.o.v): I inherited the power of sparda
I was born with a devil arm or "devil bringer" it started as light blue skin then started growing red armor when i was a toddler
I've lived with my mother since I was born
I don't remember my father - he supposedly died when i was two days old
I lived in foruna since I was a week old
my mother used to be a demon hunter but retired because she had me - she was about 18 years old(Dante and Vergil were 18 in DMC3)
I was a small infant - small enough to be mistaken as premature
first few hours of my life my mother's demonic instincts kicked in and wouldn't even let my father near me - because as I said I was small for a demon infant
did I mention my mother is half demon like my father? Cause that's why I'm full demon.
My uncle is Dante, making my grandfather sparda.
My other grandfather, Ragnus the lord of demons, doesn't know I exsist and nor does my uncle, Damian. And my mother wants to keep it that way.
I fell in love with Kyrie but I don't think she loves me back, I don't really care, I'm a demon so it no surprise.
I'm not apart of the order of the sword because, again, I'm a demon.
I sort of took my mother's place as a demon hunter, because despite being a demon myself I find it my job to Beat the crap out of other demons. It runs in the family.
I like pizza, any topping will do.
I enjoy rock music. Especially during church when everyone is preaching.
I like both the color red and blue as seen in my wardrobe. Though you'll see me walking around fortuna in just my hooded vest and a black T-shirt.
I last saw my father when I was 6 years old, but didn't know it. He was Nelo Angelo. And only my mother knew. But she was still scared of him.
Heres a fun-fact, I had facial piercings when I was 12 till I was about 17 or 18 where I removed them and yes, the holes closed up
Not many notice it but I do have spikes in my ears, the only piercings I kept. And I am talking about the guage type spikes.
I like to dye the ends of my hair black.
I'm not insecure about my heritage but but sometimes I wrap my arm up in black gauze.

Hi I'm Nero. Feel free to leave a comment. I am a girl irl by the way so. Yeah. Have a nice day..-scratches nose- oh yeah. uh. im not used to playing canon characters but im also playing Nero from my alternate timeline as you can see by the random facts. Its actually a pretty interesting story, so feel free to rp with me, but be warned I'm not always on this account.


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Vergil The Nephilim Report | 03/27/2014 3:14 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
"I suppose you'll find out the turth, eventualy. You mine as well hear it from me. You're mother's name is Serenity and I know this and about your arm, because you're my son."
Vergil The Nephilim Report | 03/16/2014 2:05 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
"Ah. Now I remember," he says has he watches Nero, unwrap his arm. "And I see you're arm has devolped quite nicely since than. Has for what you're mother said, I don't feel its my place to say anything about that. I'm sure she had her reasons why she didn't say, which I do know of, but, again, not my place to say. That is something she should tell you herself. Has for why I attacked her, while she may not be as strong as me, she is still a very powerful demon and I felt she was intefearing with my plains. I, at least, needed to let her know that she needs to stay out of my affairs."
Vergil The Nephilim Report | 03/11/2014 12:56 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
Nelo turned towards Nero. He knows who Nero is, but knows that Nero only knows him has the demon that went after his mother. He didn't feel the need to tell him the turth. At least, not yet. At this poitn, Nero probaly wouldn't believ him, even if he did and despite the fact Nero looks almost just like him. Nelo just looked at Nero for a moment with his red eyes that in unable to hide, since he became more demon than human. Not that he minds. He likes how they strike fear into the hearts of humans. "I'm not surprised you know who I am. I made quite a name for myself over the years. Its more the way you called out to me that surpised me. Most are afraid to even speak my name. Plus, I feel like we've met before."
0o0_Ki_0o0 Report | 11/10/2013 4:21 pm
Ki just looked at him "I guess that is true" Ki said hugging him lightly "Du you think mommy missed us a lot?"
Vergil The Nephilim Report | 11/10/2013 12:36 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
"I'm more of a King than a Lord. Either way, I can make time. After all, I did make the time to see you. Didn't I?"
0o0_Ki_0o0 Report | 11/07/2013 9:01 am
Ki smiled a little looking at him "I forget that" Ki said as she hugged him lightly still smiling.
Vergil The Nephilim Report | 11/02/2013 5:42 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
"It would fall to me, becasue I may not have killed him, but I still defeated him. Gender doesn't matter to me. As far as I'm consern, you're mother has power as I do."
0o0_Ki_0o0 Report | 11/01/2013 5:50 pm
Ki smiled lightly at him "Me love you daddy" Ki sais still smiling lightly "Wheres mommy?"
Vergil The Nephilim Report | 11/01/2013 4:37 pm
Vergil The Nephilim
"Oh him. I did defeat, but didn't kill him. I don't know where he went, but he, basicly, abanoded his thorne."
0o0_Ki_0o0 Report | 10/31/2013 12:28 pm
Ki smiled and hugged him lightly "You still the best daddy every, no matter what you are me and mommy will always love you"



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