Mhm..honey i see you <3

Keep in touch will ya.

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Awe Snap

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Last Login: 02/24/2015 12:10 pm

Registered: 08/11/2009

Gender: Female

Birthday: 05/13

Occupation: working at a hell house

You Wanted To Know...

"I Live for thee Applause, "

Hi emotion_smilies/icon_brofist.gif
I'm jayha and im 18 yrs old
I am
Bisexual but thats ok right...
I'm just here for the dress ups and i guess friends
i'm such a loner , but im not afraid to admit it
I dress like a hipster and a hippy because it lets me be free with who i am
i have 1 true friend and chances are your not them. (yet)
I'm in college now a full time student with a major in forensics
and a minor in music. my favorite band is The Civil Wars emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif
If you know someone who does profiles please lemme know!
I made a kik to see what the fuss was....
Wasnt all that impressed now i just stick to skype/txt
i love music of all kinds and i appreciate the quality of it.
i can sing opera and i also beatbox and play the guitar
My fav piece is Habanera from the opera Carmen
i also draw and paint im even sculpting now adays
if you gimme a beat i can turn it into a song lol
Talk to me i love listening to peoples problems
i dislike
falsies PLEASE JUST BE YOURSELF emotion_smilies/icon_heart.gif ! k by now emotion_smilies/icon_donotwant.png

Feelin Froggy...

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Princess Robynn Report | 10/23/2013 7:14 pm
hi there girlie!
Infinite_Randomness Report | 10/23/2013 3:39 pm
You're welcome. smile
Penastic Report | 10/05/2013 12:03 pm
wow you're cute.
Infinite_Randomness Report | 09/24/2013 10:49 am
I came here because I lol'd at your username, but I also love your avatar. Also, your pictures are cute too. c:
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 09/17/2013 10:20 pm
Forever 21 for a little over $7.
I wasn't originally looking for them, but bam, there they were biggrin
I'm looking for blue iridescent ones next~
agnogenic Report | 09/17/2013 7:11 am
idk what would be better tbh
i'm hoping if they do want money back, they'll at least give me time to work out a payment plan or some s**t
sorry about all your preggo cousins
every time i think about someone being pregnant, i just think of a cattle ranch spurting out calves and being milked rofl
where do you live?
agnogenic Report | 09/17/2013 6:43 am
cause i'm on public housing and i failed tot urn in some paperwork so they might sue me and kick me off the program
C h i k a r i B e a n Report | 09/16/2013 11:17 pm
Awesome shades
I recently snagged a dual lens pair I'd wanted for a while n_n
agnogenic Report | 09/13/2013 10:24 am
that sucks
why you feelin that way?
i'm bout to get kicked out my house if that makes you feel any better sweatdrop
agnogenic Report | 09/12/2013 10:45 am
how you been, bby? cool