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don't you dare thank me for buying

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Kurienze Report | 04/24/2014 10:02 pm
/cherishes coin emotion_kirakira
We should like...do it mutually? Then it's all even loool

Yeah I actually like some of their weird tones/shades/colors but...I mean they're kinda bizarre xD and then, hard to match q uq;

Mm, kind of and also not...haha it's more smooth than smoke. More like a hookah. And yeah I didn't use the patch or gum or anything ^^
But I mean, I wasn't a heavy smoker either so that helped c:
Kurienze Report | 04/23/2014 3:21 pm
omg avid don't apologize ♥ i like giving you things regardless! rather i should feel bad for telling you that it was meant for kiki, i'm sorry /lies down cries crying

Hehe, yeah I getcha...it's rather hard to match, these wings and that Acceleration recolor. But I bought them anyway emo

No worries emotion_hug like a candle wick. c: All it is, basically heats up a liquid that creates vapor. Thus the name, vaporizer c:

Yeees I am. ^^

Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 4:47 pm
No worries. I bought another one after that so she's got it now x'D keep the kitty cus ilu ♥

ye that's pretty much...I always tell myself I'll be able to resist the next pretty items that they release, and then i can't. emo

Basically, just wrapping a wire and shoving a wick through it. c: The type I use has an exposed wire/wick assembly covered only by a cap, and I do the wire thingy myself, it's much cheaper this way in the long run versus the kinds with an enclosed chamber where you need to keep buying the replacement parts. If that makes sense. x'D
Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 4:33 pm
lol ye i know redface

There are just so many items and I spend my pure whenever I have it...then I'm looking at these exchange threads that are all, buying with however many billions... x'D

I guess no matter how rich I get on Gaia I'll still be greedy gonk

Hehe, it's a close enough replacement. I like it, there's actually kind of a tinkering aspect to these things c8

Ah and you're welcome! If I'm being brutally honest here I meant to send it to Kiki for her cat quest, but then I typed in the name and didn't realize what I had done until 30 seconds after I hit both Submit buttons rofl but ye enjoy the new pet, lol! :'D

Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 1:13 pm
Yeah, I have tried checking my invo worth... xD if I liquidated everything, I might have a chance to get a ticket, but even so I doubt it. >_>;
Even with the fact that I've been on Gaia regularly these days, I feel the same, I just don't know what's going on anymore! I've never had so much gold before and I still feel poor.

Heh, I used to. ^^ I've moved to using a vaporizer/e-cig now though. c:

Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 12:55 pm
I don't even know anymore emo
Last I saw is someone in the Exchange or GCD saying that offers below 80b or so wouldn't even be in the running anymore so...

Aha, well thanks? Maybe? xD I don't know why I don't do it more often though, I like this look ^ w^

Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 12:20 pm
I think it's as pricey as A.Halo :c or possibly more...

I would too but I'd probably get some feedback, maybe even use a suggestion from the community. xD
And I mean...as much as I want it, I figure I'll leave it up to chance since I never know when I could save up enough gold to buy one. x)

Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 12:03 pm
o-okay gonk

Yeah...beh, I wish it'd be item only. But at least a lot of the gold prizes are small, I tried a 7-pack (I want that ticket dangit) and got at max 10m out of the times that I got gold :I
So at least there's that...
Kurienze Report | 04/22/2014 11:57 am
You're welcome! :'D Hehe, I know how that is. But if you do ever want to give it away or sell it, it's not like I'm going to be hurt by that, it's yours now c; ♥

Kurienze Report | 04/21/2014 9:09 pm
Hehe, it's all good ^^ ! You can keep them or gift them to someone else if you want, or sell them. c: ♥


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