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Gender: Male

Location: Canada , Alberta , Westlock

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Gaian Age: Too damn long!

Name : Dalton William Carlson

Age : Twenty-One

Current Addiction: Assassin's Creed Syndicate (Xbox One) , Halo 5:Guardians (Xbox One), Triforce Heroes ( 3DS ), Donkey Kong ( Wii U) , Black ops 3 (Xbox one), Fallout 4 (Xbox one) , Starcraft (PC)

Birthday : May 3 / 1994

Living in : Canada, Alberta, Westlock. A small town near the center of Alberta an hour away from Edmonton - bunch of stalkers!! See you soon! smilies/icon_wink.gif Haha

Height : 6"6 - I don't wanna grow no more!

Hm, What about me, Let's see, I'm a really sarcastic guy and can always come off as a bit of a jerk ( I'm a male, Bite me, No ones perfect, Durrrr ) , But it's very rare that I mean the things that I say., I'm a fun person to be around and I'm random as can be. Could be talking about something before it becomes something else in a hurry xD I'm a huge gamer and for a while now I've been switching between playing Xbox One and Pc games.( Have a few Nintendo handheld consoles) Though if I had the cash, I would probably have the others as well. Fun fact, I'm the youngest and tallest out of my entire family ( Strange how that works ) Guess I got lucky. Whenever I meet a person for the first time I'm a bit awkward with them. One because I tend to say and do a lot of stuff that could cross a line and second well. I don't know you, But that's normal.

Ah! I'm an avid cosplayer and conventionier ( Is that a word? ) I've been going to a convention in Edmonton called Animethon for close to 7 years and each year it only gets better! For 2016, I'm hoping it will be even better then the previous years ( Always is! ) Big guy in a tiny bed with someone I can't get close to isn't a good mix, It's like cramming a fat guy into a clown car ( Oh, THE HORRIFYING IMAGE!! )

My likes can range from anything, Honestly though im not going to like everything on the planet, But im only human so it's natural. That's what asking is for! Anyway! That's a bit about me, For all of you who read this, Thank you for taking the time to finish it smilies/icon_razz.gif

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Me with Brina Palencia ( voice actor ) (2015)


Cosplayer/Gamer/Anime and Manga Enthusiast
Questing: Yo Mama!
( No, I'm not serious, Gawd Damn! )
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