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- My prices are usually LBP Price, though i am willing to bargain on my items. [No lowballs absolutely]
- I accept PURE OR PURE + ITEMS.
- Send PMs to bargain. If the price is unreasonable i won't be replying at all.
- Im also a buyer so if youre selling something gimme a link or send a PM.
- If it is not 2-3 sellings above LBP price of the item then i'm ignoring it.
- I don't donate to people I don't know.
- I only buy items once or rarely twice. If i've already bought it. I will still check out your store and see if i'll want anything.
- //Mostly an exchanger.//
- I buys art.
- Have a good time.

8/6/12 with 32mil + 171 Transactions
8/13/12 with 36mil + 185 Transactions
8/24/12 with 40mil
8/30/12 with 45mil + 215 Transactions
9/7/12 with 55mil + 233 Transactions
9/27/12 with 62mil + 260 transactions
10/18/12 <-- My birthday (>w< ) 69.2m with ____ Transactions
11/1/12 pm with 303 transactions with 82.8mil
11/6/12 -- 90.6mil with 328 transactions
11/14/12. 101.3mil with 356 transactions
8/9/13 Realized I lost track.


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