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Titianas Phule Report | 10/16/2016 8:26 am
Titianas Phule
Not really.
I think I will probably go to the doctor tomorrow. The lymph node under my right ear is still swollen up pretty back.
I was sick enough I didn't feel safe to drive so hubby had to come get me & Dad took him later to pick my car back up.
It bugs me that I was fine until about 45 minutes into work then my banana decided it wasn't gonna stay down. I wasn't even nauseous that morning, if I had been I would of taken the stuff that taste like pink baby lotion smells.
lR lE lD Report | 10/05/2016 5:12 pm
lR lE lD
i hope they come up with something better than this. they are getting greedy with their programs and want people to spend money on their stuff every year in order to keep using powerpoint, word and other programs. i'm glad i still have my desktop with windows 7 on it.
lR lE lD Report | 10/04/2016 4:14 pm
lR lE lD
*i saw your status*

IKR! i hate freakin' windows 10 as well. it always has to do an update and then it doesn't install the updates correctly every time and then wants you to go back and reinstall all over again. usually when i go to start (flag icon) it shows me the programs i go to the most but now it won't even show me specific names of documents when i hover over them. then they want you to pay them every year for their shetty program. -____- i knew i probably should have bought the windows 7 disc i saw on ebay. but idk if that disc comes with the main programs that i need: powerpoint and word. windows 10 is bs. people told me to get lynx or whatever its called but i heard people are struggling with getting powerpoint and word to work on it and it doesn't work the same way widows does.
Sun-Incarnate Report | 09/25/2016 6:40 pm
Check the freebie thread in chatterbox for some new items for the user ball.
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/25/2016 5:45 pm
The extensions I ordered still haven't shown up. crying
I have my head wreath ready to go, except for the butterflies, they still need a little work.
Tomorrow I have to finish my skirt & Miscreants crown.
He is still trying to figure out his wings.
We were working on stuff today until the wind started blowing & knocked the ladder over which hit me in the head. emotion_bandaid
My head is still hurting I think it raddled my brain some.
Don't believe them about how long the tutu take.
Just cutting the pieces for it are taking a while.
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/24/2016 5:11 pm
Happy birthday!!
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/22/2016 2:50 pm
Nope just going crazy between work & trying to get stuff made for Ren Fest.
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/13/2016 6:19 pm
That is weird.
Last time I looked I thought a few of them had the locks.
Wonder if his tank will open now.
Thanks for your help.
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/10/2016 8:33 pm
We may need you to take your car if we go to many places.
The Grand Prix is back in the shop, the Taurus has no air & someone backed into the good car this week.
We are waiting on the insurance adjuster to get in contact with us so we can get it fixed. sad
It has been one of those weeks.
Dread-Pirate-Isaac Report | 09/10/2016 6:21 pm
Miscreant wants to meet at Sakura's at noon.
Think you can make it?


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