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Ava Corvidae OC Profile

Name: Ava L. Crowhall
Nickname(s): Ava Corvidae, Ava.
Age: She appears to be roughly 18, maybe 19 at the oldest; she is actually 26.
Race: Vampire.
Occupation: Police detective, serving in the Barton Police Department.

Personality overview: If the analogy of the sad clown applies to anyone, it applies to Ava without question; in public, she's energetic and optimistic, but in private, she's haunted by her misdeeds under the direction of Vladimir Von Helson and plagued with self-doubt, paranoia, fear, and depression. She clearly does care about upholding and enforcing the law fairly and doing her best to be a good citizen of Barton, but for her, the biggest barrier to happiness is her inability to move on from the past, and her greatest fear is that she'll never be able to make up for what she did during the vampire invasion of 2007.

Bio: Who she was and what she did while she was human is irrelevant, and, in fact, Ava herself can't remember any of that. Her earliest memory is of waking up in a thoroughly trashed and ransacked burning house, already under the curse of vampirism, with little else save the clothes on her back. Tossed immediately into a life where she continuously found herself forced to hop out of the pan and into the fire with no end in sight, Ava soon realized she would need to keep her nature a secret. Finally, a reprieve presented itself a few weeks after escaping the blazing house, when she was picked up by the Von Helson Sisters. They sold her on the idea of crushing humankind under her heel, promising her power and the freedom to act upon her thirst in the open if she only joined a little army their father, Vladimir, was assembling from the common vampire rabble in order to subjugate humanity and exterminate the Gambinos and his own traitorous sons. Ava joined almost immediately, and spent the next few months training and performing recon missions.

Then the real fighting began in late October that same year, and she quickly distinguished herself as a skilled guerilla fighter within the greater Barton area. She seemed a stubborn and unflappable leader to her small band as they pulled ambushes and hit-and-runs left, right, and center, until she made the error of underestimating a single well-armed foe. Her band of warriors, whose defeat seemed unthinkable, was completely wiped out by just one man, and Ava only barely managed to flee back to Von Helson Manor after staging a sleight-of-hand distraction. She remained a noted member of the Von Helson's army and was praised for her bravery and quick-thinking under fire, but she became disillusioned with the war with humanity after that defeat. When Vladimir was assassinated and his second son, Louie, ascended, she was among the first to lay down arms at her new king's behest.

Not long after the war ended, she attended a local university in Barton, where she took a course in Criminal Justice, with the goal of getting into the GPD Police Academy. With the same steely-eyed determination she formerly reserved for climbing the ranks in the vampire army, she excelled, and quickly rose in the ranks within Barton Police Department, as well, until she became the detective she is today. Though she's always been vague about her true reasons for putting in all of this work, there's one seemingly impossible case she's been obsessively investigating since joining the force, and her coworkers on the force believe solving it is her motivating goal behind all she does.
Other: Ava is an amateur magician and frequently performs magic tricks at office parties held in her substation. A fan of purple and, appropriately enough, film noir and hardboiled detective literature - apparently, she's so married to her job it bleeds into her tastes in fiction. Unsurprisingly, not a fan of garlic. Does not like body glitter.

About (the real) me

I'm not entirely sure what anyone reading my profile expected, but I'm going to guess a clearly fictional biography for a clearly fictional character wasn't it. As a reward for actually reading through Ava's story, or, failing that, scrolling down past it because of the word wall, I'm going to let you see the man behind the curtain.

My real name is Christopher, and, as most people reading this would assume, I'm male. I'm in my mid-twenties, and I've been on Gaia Online since June 30th, 2007. I've dabbled in creative writing, mostly some amazingly, hilariously bad fan fiction and short stories, and I have some interest in roleplaying. I haven't done very much roleplaying as of late, though; the Barton Town forum's grown just a bit too ritualized and decorated in their overall procedure for my taste, and I've never really gotten into guild roleplays. Guilds in general really aren't my thing, so while I appreciate the invitations, I'll have to respectfully decline them.

There's really not much else I have to say about myself, other than that I don't care to receive random friend requests. To everyone who's ever sent me any requests on a lark or is thinking of doing so - I'm flattered, really, but I want to know a little more about you first. I'm very approachable, if sometimes a bit nervous and introverted at first, so don't hesitate to make a little conversation with me first. Most frequently, I can be seen posting in the forums, but I also sometimes visit towns for a little while to catch up with friends.


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Lol ty ^__^ heart
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Mister Steal Yo Gurl

Mister Steal Yo Gurl Report | 01/31/2015 12:21 am
Mister Steal Yo Gurl
Rogue_Alleycat Report | 01/22/2015 9:23 pm
Thank you so much for buying! smile
Digital Delusions Report | 01/04/2015 9:16 pm
Digital Delusions
cool... I got soap lol. 3nodding
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Digital Delusions
sounds great. what did you get?
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It's fine Ava. emotion_hug How you been?
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emotion_kirakira emotion_hug
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No problem ^u^
Kanbe-sama Report | 11/23/2014 10:07 pm
Oh sweet. -gives her a big huggle- I don't know why but you're just so cuddly X3


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