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Ava Corvidae OC Profile

Full name: Ava Lesile Crow.
Nickname: Ava Corvidae.
Gender and sexual preference: Female, bi-questioning.
Age, including apparent age, if applicable: Twenty-six; appears to be roughly nineteen.
Race, including any afflictions, if applicable: Human, vampire.
Skin tone: White, deathly pale.
Eye color: Red.
Hair color: Black.
Dates of birth and/or death: Birth date unknown; died June 30th, 2007.
Marital status: Single.
Status: Active.
Detailed biography, provided by BPD Chief Inspector Henri Cordon: Ava Lesile Crow, known better as Ava Corvidae, came to the attention of Barton PD in the early Autumn of 2007, during the aftermath of the Halloween Vampire Conflict. She was found by Louie Von Helson and his younger brother, Damian "Ian" Von Helson, laying against a tree near Von Helson Manor. She was, at this time, nursing serious wounds from a recent skirmish with vampire hunters, and was in need of immediate medical intervention. When offered a cure for her affliction during her treatment, she declined, citing a familiarity with her condition that she didn't have with being human. She was subsequently submitted for psychological testing; it was concluded from this testing that Ava suffers from near-complete retrograde amnesia, and that she can't clearly recall anything from her past as a living human, except for her name and the nursery rhyme One For Sorrow. The cause of this amnesia has yet to be determined.

It's been determined that she had died and been infected with vampirism some time within the early morning of June 30th 2007, the same date that her parents Michael and Beth Crow were found murdered in their home by persons unknown. Unfortunately, shortly after Ava disappeared and her parents' corpses were retrieved, a fire broke out in the ransacked home that had once belonged to the Crows. The entire building was lost to the blaze, and any documents that may have contained information on her surviving siblings or other relatives has been either stolen or completely destroyed by fire and water damage. No persons have come forth that claim relation to either Ava or her parents, so it's to be assumed she has no surviving family unless further evidence is produced.

Ava was briefly considered the prime suspect in her parents' murder due to her affliction, but her lack of memory prior to reawakening and forensic evidence collected at the scene and during the autopsy has completely exonerated her of all culpability.

Ava is intensely curious about who turned her into a vampire, and why. She has consistently insisted upon being involved in the investigation of her case, and has sought to find the answers she's looking for through the use of magic. She is a skilled necromancer capable of interrogating the dead as well as reanimating bodies, and is the current head of Barton PD Supernatural Crimes department. She's questioned thousands of spirits about her case at every possible opportunity, although no leads in the case have yet been discovered. She is convinced that she had an older sister, Sarah, who she believes may have been involved, although nothing has come up to vindicate her suspicions.
Additional notes: Ava's case is up for consideration over whether or not it should remain open. No further evidence beyond that described above, admissible or otherwise, has ever been found, and no witness testimony that would get us anywhere has ever been furnished. Knowing Ava, it's unlikely she'll ever stop trying to find the answers she's looking for, whether or not someone could be prosecuted.
Speaking professionally, I wouldn't recommend her as a detective; she's intelligent and observant, but not good at connecting the dots. She has a tendency to follow odd trains of thought at times, likely as a side effect of whatever trauma caused her amnesia. Her position within the Supernatural Crimes department is under no serious threat; she is capable when it comes to solving crimes involving supernatural elements, but more mundane cases baffle her. No, she doesn't sparkle in the sunlight - the next one to ask me that question will be moved to her department to work as her personal assistant, so they can check for themselves.

About (the real) me

I'm not entirely sure what anyone reading my profile expected, but I'm going to guess a clearly fictional biography for a clearly fictional character wasn't it. As a little reward for actually reading through Ava's story (or scrolling down past it, like a butt), I'm going to let you see the man behind the curtain, so to speak.

My real name is Christopher, and I'm a dude in his early-to-mid 20s. I'm not going to give my location away on my profile, since anyone can view it and I have no interest in meeting up offline; anyone who's spoken to me long enough would know where I live, as a natural consequence of the topic coming up in a conversation.

Speaking of conversations being brought up, please don't send me any random friend requests, because I will deny them without comment. I prefer goofing around and talking to people I like or at least have no beef with in towns. If you want to add me to your list of friends, but don't want to bother getting to know me better, I can promise you we probably won't get along.

To put it bluntly, you have to be cool, mature, interested in talking to your friends, and, above all, fun to talk to, or I probably won't have any interest in befriending you. The list of broad groups I don't get along with isn't particularly long, but it includes the usual suspects: No drama queens and trolls who obviously start ridiculous s**t to get attention, no self-absorbed turds who have the uniquely entitled opinion that they're better than anyone else by virtue of existing, no opinionated brats who project their thoughts and feelings upon others they dislike because of personal biases. This list includes people who are very boastful about using the ignore button to solve their problems; my belief is that anyone who takes pride in ignore-listing everybody who happens to annoy them is not ultimately a fun person to talk to, and, thus, not worth making friends with.

So, yeah. There's the straight dope on who Ava really is behind the computer screen. One last thing worth mentioning is that I'm not going to actually show anyone a picture of myself on my profile, partly because I'm somewhat self-conscious about myself, and partly because I believe the measure of one's convictions is a little more important than their outward appearance.


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Lol ty ^__^ heart
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Senpai ln The Sheetz

Senpai ln The Sheetz Report | 01/31/2015 12:21 am
Senpai ln The Sheetz
Relia Rouge Report | 01/22/2015 9:23 pm
Relia Rouge
Thank you so much for buying! smile
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Your Digital Senpai
cool... I got soap lol. 3nodding
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Your Digital Senpai
sounds great. what did you get?
Your Digital Senpai Report | 01/04/2015 12:00 am
Your Digital Senpai
It's fine Ava. emotion_hug How you been?
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Your Digital Senpai
emotion_kirakira emotion_hug
Kanbe-sama Report | 11/25/2014 6:53 pm
No problem ^u^
Kanbe-sama Report | 11/23/2014 10:07 pm
Oh sweet. -gives her a big huggle- I don't know why but you're just so cuddly X3


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