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Main Cosplays:
Laughing Jack

I stalk everyone.

и α ɱ ə: Not saying.
Ⱥ ɕ ә: 23
β ɩ я Ϯ ɧ ȡ α ʏ: 11 / 24
ɕ ʀ ə ə Ϯ ȷ и ɕ ȿ: Ello there stalking potatoes and randomers. If you know me well you will know that I tend to ramble and go off-topic easily, you will get to experience this rambling here. This is your cue to run, potatoes. To be frank not a lot keeps me on this site lately, these lovely people on my profile are what have me coming back. I am usually incredibly busy and have the tendency to forget conversations and obligations. On my days off however I spend a decent amount of time on here-- that or I sleep the day away. Generally I am told I'm quite funny and ridiculously sarcastic. Then there are those who would argue that I'm incredibly arrogant and rude. It must depend on the person. Personally I view myself as friendly, calm, and easy to get along with. I do enjoy provoking and teasing others, but it's all in good fun. Currently I am stuck in the pit of hell we call a 'university.' Studying psychology. Video games travel with me even into dream world, I really do enjoy gaming. Music is an open form of expression and it's just so incredibly soothing to listen to. Please provide me with suggestions if you have any, I'm always looking for something new to listen to. Painting is one of my many hobbies that I take great interest in. Drinking is the one habit that I am, "tsktsk"d about. Eyepatches are the greatest. Everyone should have one. I love people. I don't mind the 'out-of-nowhere' messages, so please, don't be shy.
Anything else you may or may not find out from chatting with me.

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For those who know me best and whom I stalk every-other day.

This gentleman happens to be my older brother and the one person who would willingly dress in women's lingerie, breast feed a child, and think that he looks so incredibly attractive at the end of the day. He's "that" guy. The silly, vain individual. The "fun" and the one who makes me "facepalm" so.

"Xiao Kaiserin"
Xiao, my youngest and inevitably shortest daughter. My three year old toddler with an overly active imagination and a talent for transforming from a child, to 84698735 demons, to a stripper. I blame the influence of my brother. She's great at voice acting and making up lyrics to random songs full of references most people miss. Her cooking is death.

"Elapsed Dreams"
The "mama" figure to myself. Protective, caring, and even frightening. She always has an incredible story to tell and a thought process capable of connecting a turtle to peanut butter. I not so secretly compare her to a puppy-- wolf-- cerberus. Lovely little lady with a kind heart and a brain that-- yeah-- she is strange.

This here is my mini potato. The one who probably spooned your eyes out at some point or peeked over from behind you and whispered the word, "soon." She is my adorable little sadist and the one proper, anti-nudist child I have left. I like to think of her as a sheep loving doll. We don't need to rehearse lines to be in sync with our words. Creepy.

"Sayaka Spud"
My grumpy and sweet little potato. The tsundere that will send a lightning quick kick to the berries and offer a hug all in the same minute. She is perhaps more lazy than a cat and as cute as a turtle. Having a love for music she enjoys when I sing "number one fan" to her. A bizarre fascination for sumo wrestlers she has. Ah-- I love provoking her.

Jup, or as I like to call her-- Hulk. The one with the many TMI moments yet she can be as vain as my brother. Sweet, loyal, and expressive with what she thinks. She takes pride in her nudist ways and always has a lot to say. A truly odd and loving soul. Don't look at her funny.

She is Squash, also known as-- Drax. This one is literal and can be funny without even realizing it. The person who can make running from monsters into a comedy and wonder why everyone is rolling around holding their sides. A gentle and quiet girl that probably thinks there is something wrong with the rest of us. However, do not be fooled. She is not normal either.

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