♠ Ⓓ ʉ ɱ Ⓢ ρ ɩ я ɸ Ⓢ ρ ɇ я ɸ ♤

[ TheHeatOfTheDesert ]
Cosplay buddy.
We cosplay Dante and Vergil.
I'm Vergil.

Main Cosplays:
Other Frequent Ones:
Märchen Von Friedhofe

I stalk everyone.

и α ɱ ə: Not saying.
Ⱥ ɕ ә: 21
β ɩ я Ϯ ɧ ȡ α ʏ: 11 / 24
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə ɱ ʉ ʂ ɩ ȼ ɕ ә и я ә: Classical, rock; I enjoy operas most.
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə ɱ ʉ ʂ ɩ ȼ ɕ я ɸ ʉ ρ: Vitas
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə Ⱥ я Ϯ ȷ ʂ Ϯ ʂ / β α и ɖ ʂ:Vitas, Dima Bilan, Max Barskih, Dmitry Koldun, Sound Horizon, Andrea Bocelli, Versailles Philharmonic Quintet, Dir en grey, Alexander Rybak, Lacroix Despheres, Juka, Apocalyptica, A(エース), Sergey Lazarev.
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə ʂ ɸ и ɕ: Love Me by Vitas
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə Ȼ ɸ ʆ ɸ я ʂ: Blue, red, green, black, white, and beige.
ɸ ȼ ȼ ʉ ρ α Ϯ ȷ ɸ и: University student. Currently going for my major in psychology.
ζ ɩ ʞ ә ʂ: Random things;; potatoes, art, wine, zombies, blood, tea, ocean, singing, swimming, music, strawberries, winter, dogs, languages, eye patches, video games.
ζ α и ɕ ʉ α ɕ ə ʂ: I know four fluently, studying my fifth one.
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə ʂ ɧ ɸ ω ʂ: X-Files, Forensic Files, Точь-в-точь.
ʄ α ʌ ɸ я ȷ Ϯ ə Ʌ ȷ ɖ ə ɸ ɕ α ɱ ə ʂ: The Tekken and Metal Gear Solid series. Others include: Dark Souls, The Last of Us, KOF, DMC, RE, KH, and GH.
ρ ə я ʂ ɸ и α ʆ ȷ Ϯ ʏ: Calm, generally friendly but I come off as the opposite apparently. I enjoy teasing people and get described as being sarcastic. Others will say I am arrogant and rude; if you're another of these then I probably don't like you either.

✗ ... I shall get back to you on this.

Art by: animefrak1, AmoraDesu, shikahroo, fireeyed_pixie, DeeeJayBeee, JupiterKoneko, Noctomanian Tormentor, Kitty-Cat-Aycee, Xx_Vanilla_Thunda_xX, Baekhyun, SsyukisS, this hobo, thesaurus-rex, Black Hawthorne, Takino, LittleGoldenCookie, Frizillion, littlegrayphalcon, and myself.
I collect art.

I do not accept random friend or trade requests.
Offers regarding items in my store will also be ignored.

♠ Ⓓ ʉ ɱ Ⓥ ɩ ʌ ɩ ɱ ʉ ʂ Ⓥ ɩ ʌ α ɱ ʉ ʂ ♤






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DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/18/2014 7:20 pm
//stares at avatar//
o - o;;
what even-
Orihime Kurosaki0315 Report | 10/18/2014 2:44 pm
Hey. How are you? Haven't spoken to you and the others in a while. Sorry. I've just been so busy with school and being in Portugal during the summer.
animefrak1 Report | 10/18/2014 2:14 am
go on zee chat XD
animefrak1 Report | 10/18/2014 2:05 am
Thank you m'dear.
//snuggle's into currently wearing zombie shirt//
I love everything, thank you emo
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/17/2014 5:27 pm
^ u ^;; Aha yeaah.
She started talking about popular candy and hippos
The lessons got confusing o-o;;

On another note I can now recite the whole alphabet to the best of my pronunciation- even though I don't know if I am saying it right xD
Though I am still confused on the letter ы think that's the right letter the one between the hard and soft signs xD
Speaking of I cant say hard/soft sign to save my life xD

o ^ o I studied it from those midgets singing~
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/17/2014 5:11 pm
Hey now I was o ^ o
I was just writing for hours is all xD
I honestly cant remember anything I learned xD
Aside the word God--
Only because it made me go into a laughing fit X'DDD
oxo;; Sorry I just found it amusing, "can you sound out this word from the letters you just learned?"
Me; B-Bog- wait- bog- xDDDDD It was either bog or bag- I still don't understand the whole o thing~
But yeah the g has a weird pronunciation so it helped me calm down- or at least- the lady pronounced it differently xD
xDDDD Bog-
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/17/2014 4:15 pm
Not sure if you can see this phone camera sucks.
But see what I do for learning.
Freaking pencil is starting to bruise my hand xD
See I blame you because you are the one that made me want to learn Russian xD
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/16/2014 7:04 pm
I would still probably fail~
DeeeJayBeee Report | 10/16/2014 2:04 pm
Your playlist is slowly taking over my life o-o;;
Honestly I've not listened to my own list in ages- and when I try I get 5-7 songs in then turn it off xD
Sayaka Spud Report | 10/15/2014 8:22 pm
Cause I can >u>

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