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Hallo lovely people of Gaia.
Excuse this brief and scattered introduction of mine.
As I am out of nowhere occupied with a task from one moment to another, do not expect replies to be instant from me. People describe me as being sarcastic and rude, close friends will say I am playful and easygoing-- although sarcasm is still brought up. I enjoy provoking others but do not take me so seriously. I realize there are plenty of people who I have offended unintentionally. Being overly sensitive to comments that do not carry any ill intention is not a fault of mine, so you may hate me for my sense of humour but I will think you are silly and require a stuffed bear. If you are truly offended because you believe I said something I should not have then tell me, I am able to talk things through if there is a proper reason, I mean no one any harm or disrespect. Although if you would rather remove or block me then that is fine too. I am very tolerable of people but do not push it. Do not disrespect my Spud or little ones. Currently I am studying and working in a psychology field, mainly research related material. I enjoy gaming quite a lot, when I'm not lost in reports or out running errands I am most likely playing a game. Music and painting are hobbies that fascinate me. I love people. I do not mind the 'out-of-nowhere' messages, however do not message me with ridiculous offers on items, flirtatious comments, or pointless drama. I will no doubt ignore you. Sayaka is my darling little doll that I love annoying the life out of. She is my feisty and sweet little lady. Act impolite towards her or touch a hair on her little head and you will make an enemy out of me. Cheers.
Anything else you may or may not find out from chatting with me.

Lovely people on my profile: My Sayaka and closest friends. If you're not up here it only means we don't engage in conversations often.

Art by: Sayaka Spud, Shhh uwu, Richard Craven, Hippie Vibes, Xiao Kaiserin, Zukimime, Arialle D Welles, AmoraDesu, shikahroo, fireeyed_pixie, DeeeJayBeee, JupiterKoneko, Noctomanian Tormentor, Kitty-Cat-Aycee, Xx_Vanilla_Thunda_xX, Baekhyun, SsyukisS, this hobo, thesaurus-rex, Black Hawthorne, Takino, LittleGoldenCookie, Frizillion, and myself.

I collect art.

I do not accept random friend or trade requests.
Offers regarding items in my store will also be ignored.




For those who know me best and whom I stalk every-other day.

"Sayaka Spud"
My aggressive but sweet little potato. The tiny lady I enjoy bothering the life out of every single day. She can be quiet at other times she may want to punch you in the nose, but she is a bundle of love and fun. Provoking her is among my favourite 'things to do'even though in return I receive a jab to the gut."Lady said I'm your number one fan." I am a dead man.

This gentleman happens to be my older brother and the one person who would willingly dress in women's lingerie, breast feed a child, and think that he looks so incredibly attractive at the end of the day. He's "that" guy. The silly, vain individual. The "fun" and the one who makes me "facepalm" so.

"Xiao Kaiserin"
Xiao, my youngest and inevitably shortest daughter. My three year old toddler with an overly active imagination and a talent for transforming from a child, to 84698735 demons, to a stripper. I blame the influence of my brother. She's great at voice acting and making up lyrics to random songs full of references most people miss. Her cooking is death.

"Elapsed Dreams"
The "mama" figure to myself. Protective, caring, and even frightening. She always has an incredible story to tell and a thought process capable of connecting a turtle to peanut butter. I not so secretly compare her to a puppy-- wolf-- cerberus. Lovely little lady with a kind heart and a brain that-- yeah-- she is strange.

This here is my mini potato. The one who probably spooned your eyes out at some point or peeked over from behind you and whispered the word, "soon." She is my adorable little sadist and the one proper, anti-nudist child I have left. I like to think of her as a sheep loving doll. We don't need to rehearse lines to be in sync with our words. Creepy.

Jup, or as I like to call her-- Hulk. The one with the many TMI moments yet she can be as vain as my brother. Sweet, loyal, and expressive with what she thinks. She takes pride in her nudist ways and always has a lot to say. A truly odd and loving soul. Don't look at her funny.

She is Squash, also known as-- Drax. This one is literal and can be funny without even realizing it. The person who can make running from monsters into a comedy and wonder why everyone is rolling around holding their sides. A gentle and quiet girl that probably thinks there is something wrong with the rest of us. However, do not be fooled. She is not normal either.

"Ellie Bacon"
The turtle in the family that keeps fleeing from her inevitable end. Always chatty and willing to talk when she's around. She also loves wearing disgusting bunny items.

"Hippie Vibes"
Despite me raising her properly this child enjoys watching my hairs fall off of my head. Hippie by nature and as sweet as a chicken, she is one of my smaller potatoes that enjoys pretending she's not a child.

The rebel of the family that burned down multiple weddings and parties with myself. This one is the bald potato of the family, the child that will cling to rebel rock just to disobey me. She has fleas.

This is Pumpkin. Another nudist child that enjoys watching my hair fall out as well. She is an affectionate one with a singing talent. I stole her from my sister.


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Elapsed Dreams
Xiao  Kaiserin
Ellie Bacon