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"If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen, mate!"

"Some men just want to watch the world burn ! "

Name : St. John Allerdyce

Alias : Pyro

Species : Mutant

Alignment : Evil ( sometimes Neutral )

Hometown : Sydney, Australia

Age : 23 ( no specified age )

Martial Status : Single

Powers : Fire Manipulation , Can't produce fire but uses Gadgets to do so.

Gear : Fire proof suit, two wrist flamethrowers connected to fuel tank on back.


St. John Allerdyce was born in Sydney, Australia. Although named St. John (pronounced Sinjin), he preferred the name John. As he got older he learned he could manipulate and control fire, but was unable to create it. Little is known about his past life other than he was a writer and spent most of his time in South East Asia working as a journalist and later attempted a career as an author of Gothic novels.

At some point, Allerdyce was found by Mystique and was recruited to join her version of the Brotherhood of Mutants. Within the group he made firm friendships with fellow Brotherhood team-mates, Blob and Avalanche. He was a part of Mystique's plans to assassinate Senator Robert Kelly, but was thwarted by the efforts of Kate Pryde traveling through time and occupying the body of Kitty Pryde. As a member of the Brotherhood, Pyro never worked under the team's original mentor, Magneto. However, he has been loyal to Mystique and much later to Toad.

A few years later, while the Brotherhood were incarcerated, they were offered a chance to redeem themselves. Part of the Mutant Registration Act allowed a group of mutants to register and become the public face of law abiding mutant citizens who would fight to stop illegal non-registered mutants. As such, Mystique's Brotherhood of Evil Mutants was remodeled into Freedom Force. Pyro's affiliation with both the Brotherhood and Freedom Force has brought him into conflict with various X-Men teams, and other American based teams such as the Avengers.

Pyro was most commonly associated with a life of crime. He bounced from one ill opportunity to the next, though when he contracted the Legacy Virus he would die a hero. He was later resurrected and fought against the good guys once again.

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