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Hello everyone! ^_^
Welcome to my profile :3
Feel free to leave comments! <3

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I-PandAppleZ-I Report | 10/22/2014 3:40 am
-Huggles- Hi baby cakies! aww that's good to hear! You better be working hard! cause if not mommy pai is gonna have to tuna fish you! xD <3
A break from hard work is always the best!

Me well after my mom passed I took some time for myself and Like always I got lost, and my bf now found me. so I guess you can say I am well.... I think...

Doing cosplay more and more gaming, work, teaching .... the whole lot of crap im doing to keep busy! So other then school how is my lil Audi getting herself into?

I-PandAppleZ-I Report | 10/22/2014 1:21 am
Hello my lil audi chan! <3 how are you?
Life as Expected Report | 09/03/2014 10:47 pm
Life as Expected
Right? Ughhh I wish I knew how to sew and I wold make my own clothes inspired by gaia and anime lol.
I know there's actually this website where I like buying the clothes from but they're expensive :C
Awww no you're always spoiling me you and Hydro, I should get him a gift... do you know if he's questing or if he wants something. I'm always out on the loop on him -feels like bad mother-
It felt like being electrocuted and burned at the same time? It was weird and uncomfortable but then I got numb so idk.
I should get a raise >:C hahaha hopefully. I'll ask for one once I've been working there for a year.
They're for trusses, do you know what they are? No one tends to know what they are...
No don't feel dumb. It was a dub program, like sure they teach you about Accountancy but apparently it didn't count as real school credit, and then later I found out they changed the program's name to Bookkeeping. So I don't know we were tricked I suppose? But I do know stuff... I just can't become a CPA with what I studied. Does that make sense?
Why do you ask?
Life as Expected Report | 09/01/2014 11:22 pm
Life as Expected
Omg yess I feel the same way! Ughh darn Gaia wish it was real clothes tho! and wigs and items and stuff you can put on that would be cool.
No no no you better accept the trade then, its not as much so you wont feel obligated to give anything in return.
Its fine, really. Don't think about it too much enjoy your gifts when you get them.
Omg so not really sorta, he popped all my bones everywhere and then i got like what felt like electrocuted??
Yes they paid for it, thank god. I have a friend in Accounting and she said it was like 2500 for that one day.
Yes it's scary at first I was very worried when I first started working but I'm like whatever because I know what I'm doing and stuff.
I know what you mean, in my class a lot of the students were always confused and so was I. You'll get the hang of it, it'll click once you start putting things together.
What accounting program are you using for that class?
Life as Expected Report | 09/01/2014 10:50 pm
Life as Expected
Omg why did you turn off the receive gifts?!
Life as Expected Report | 09/01/2014 10:43 pm
Life as Expected
Yeah I know the feeling but I do some back even thought its once in a while.
Me either I mean I know I stop coming for a while but I always return.
OMG AUDI you're not allowed to give me back the gift I gave you. It was totally fine really you didn't have to do that.
Plus come on you always give me gifts! I was making up all this time of hardly being able to get you something.
Yeah this happened last month they send me to a chiropractor omg its an experience. They didn't give me time off though.
No no you're not old, you're very young you have a life ahead of you!
Is there something you are struggling with specifically?
Life as Expected Report | 09/01/2014 6:45 pm
Life as Expected
I've missed you too!
I know I wish everyone would get online I want it to be how it used to be.
No no, it's fine really... I can always use real money, because that's why i work to use my money how I want to. :b
Actually designers work a lot too but I won't have to carry heavy things n u n
I actually sprained my back because I was carrying heavy things all day.
Yeah some are okay but the prices range from $8 - $1000 dollars they're insane.
Don't worry about it its fine. I always forget what I'm talking about so I have to keep two windows open.
You're so grown up! My babies are growing up.
How are your classes? Are you doing well? Do you need help with anything?
Let me know whenever you need help with anything.
Life as Expected Report | 08/30/2014 8:35 pm
Life as Expected
Omg yes I noticed that, it's insane.
But yes momma loves you most -shhh- don't tell your sibling -hugglehuggle-
I feel super poor now hahaha.
I think you're a bit confused. My job is much simpler than that. Also guess what! I'm getting promoted to designer!!
I've been so busy with work! I've been working 13 hour days even Saturdays I hardly had time to do much.
Yes I can enter Club Verge which isn't that great in my opinion.
Actually a friend gave me a Volant Reverie.
I haven't had time to do any of that I might start a new one but then again I hardly have time to focus on it.
No no, it's fine I don't mind them. I'm not that good at using them so I don't use them as much.

But anyways how are you? What's new? How's school?
Tell what's been going on.
HydrocrackeD Report | 07/19/2014 7:19 pm
As long as you learn, failing isn't a problem at all biggrin

I enjoy the experience, but sometimes I think its too much already, I dont feel like I have a life anymore xD
HydrocrackeD Report | 07/19/2014 7:06 pm
XD perhaps yes ..

Sure you'll pass smile

Work? It beats the hell out of me D;


Art by: Banana Maid
Thank you! <3
BlackWingedBelial <33


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