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ok so i obviously didn't edit my goddamn page with all the mistakes so lets redo this shall we?
AIGHT DEN: IM ERIN MY AGE IS YOUR GIRL IN MY BED AND I EAT BOOTY. uh my favorite color is dark as my soul. my talents are drawing and making people want to kill themselves uhhh an thats it for now. you may ******** off. what are ya ******** gay dude? ~Idubbbz

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and this is my sexy, irresistible, cross dressing husband Alex. Married 02/20/15!!!! <3 Love of my life. ugh!! <3 He's my Sinful Twinkie. Thunder thighs. Slenderman. you name it xD!! If i'm Rias, then he's damn sure Issei. he's mine and always will be c: so touch him, and you're dead. love you alex ^w^

aaaand then theres my father XD this fun loving piece of s**t. my wonderful gaia father. he cross dresses too. but he got one have to go through him, in order to go through me. SIKE, he don't give a ********. but in all realness people, xD ladies, if you break his heart, thats your a** and my foot got it? k.

mmm look at this boobalicious lolicon here. Married 02/23/15!!! another love of mine c: my wittle sweet cinnamon bun. she CLAIMS to be a tsundere(but she really aint. juss saying ;P. she's the one i call lovely. but she's off limits doe. so...don't make me get my knife >:T love you katie cakes <3

Hey guys! ;] i know i haven't been on in a long while, but to make it up, if you really need to contact me, My snapchat is "erinisrias" my kik is "photoI3uckets"(ik ik don't judge me .-.)and my insta is @The_Anime_Proxy. its full of Creepypasta comedy skits i write. soon i will make them into full episodes and post them on watt pad. enjoy, have some laughs c: contact me if you need me k? love ya my little devils <3

notice how theres a lot of threats here, so you know I'm not ******** around >:T -GETS OUT SWORD-

Instagram is The_Anime_ Proxy, but for october its The_Anime_ Spooky :3

the people that were there for me when nobody else was. love ya <3

this is my other dad, and no, he has never met my other gaia dad and yes i can have as many dads as a fuqqin WANT XD anyway i care about him, he's ******** awesome, hilarious, he's just like this one on the left here <_< minus the cross dressing xD love you dad ^-^