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You can call me Atree, or any derivative of "AtreeX" that you want.

I have a dire lack of maturity and purpose, and I'm lazy as hell, but people still tend to find me tolerable. I've lived a cushy life but I'm still a fairly cynical and dissatisfied person. It's a problem - I'm working on it, and I'm confident enough that things will work themselves out eventually.

In the meantime, I'll be wandering around spewing historical references, pretending that I can draw, and cuddling cats. If you want to find me offline, set out a lonely cat and some good food, and I'll appear soon enough. When I'm online, check the Word Games subforum for someone posting unnecessarily wordy replies.

Regardless of how you may find me, I promise that I'll try, at the bare minimum, to be cordial. I might not be a remarkable person, but I can at least be a considerate one.