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Holy carp! Art!

Young Atlas.

By watersquirt!


of the Wyrmblood Covenant

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The one your staring at is one of the youngest of the strongest dragons in Gaia. Though he seldomly wields a weapon. That which makes him most dangerous is his swift reflexes, his superior strength for his profession and ultimately his natural abilities as a dragon altogether

This Dragon is no simple fire breather or rock crusher however. He is of a breed of the rarest variety. Hunted to near extinction. Though his skin and scales may be a palette of blue and purple he is no water or shadow dragon either but in fact a Nocturnal Sapphirewing. A Spirit Dragon.

-----Atlas Van Malice-----
Age: 20
Sex: Male
Breed: Nocturnal Sapphirewing
Element: Spirit
Personality: Peaceful, Cheerful, Funny, Protective, Passive-Aggressive, Only really aggressive when agitated in a certain manner.
-----Mythic Atlas-----
Breed: Eclipse Sapphirewing
Element: Mythic Spirit
Personality: Care-free, confident, intimidating, No-nonsense.

+Has an incredible sense of smell.
+A good source of light.
+Strong as ******** />+Sexy Mythic form.
-Sensitive tail.
-Has no romantic experience.
-Isn't as popular as Wixi.
-THE most likely to be targeted by dragon hunter.

Strength: ••••••• 7/10
Perception: ••••• 6/10
Endurance: •••••••• 8/10
Charisma: •••• 5/10
Intelligence: ••••• 5/10
Agility: •••••••• 8/10
Luck: •••• 4/10
-----Mythic Atlas------
Strength: ••••••••• 9/10
Perception: •••••••• 8/10
Endurance: •••••••••• 10/10
Charisma: ••••• 5/10
Intelligence: •••••• 6/10
Agility: •••••••••• 10/10
Luck: ••••• 5/10

Flight , Tough Skin , Super Strength , Unrelenting Roar , Spirit Burst Roar , Superior Spirit Burst Roar!,
Iron Skin, Heart Of Fire Stage 1 , heart Of Fire Stage 2 , Heart Of Fire Stage 3 , Fists Of Fire , Quaking Will, Spirit Typhoon, Raging Spirit Typhoon!, Earth Slam Combo!, Dragon's Wrath!.
-----Myth Atlas-----
Mythic Form
Crystal Claws, Heart Of Fire Ultra, Titan strength, Monarch's Roar, Ultra Spirit Burst Roar!, Eclipse Armour, Song Of Miracle, Alpha Eclipse Cannon, Omega Eclipse Cannon.

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Normal Atlas.

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