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Atlas Van Malice

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"They who hunt for Pandora's Box easily fail to realise they seek that which one only need look around themselves to find."

The one your staring at is one of the youngest, strongest of dragons in Gaia. Though he seldomly wields a weapon. That which makes him most dangerous is his swift reflexes, his absurd strength for his size and ultimately his naturally powerful roar as a dragon.

This Dragon is no simple fire blaster or rock crusher however. He is of a breed of the rarest variety. Hunted to near extinction for their elemental extract alone. Though his skin and scales may be a palette of blue and purple he is no water or shadow dragon either but in fact a Nocturnal Sapphirewing Spirit Dragon. An spirit dragon fused with an Elder Dragon's Shard which allows him the ability to "Switch Places" with an powerful ancient ancestor known and feared to be the first Dragon Lord. Aurath.

If you are new to his legend you may be unaware of his ability to enhance his power by double or even triple it's value with his ability to set his very heart ablaze and attack at a terrifying speed and strength. But that's not all. Over the course of his adventures he's attained abilities that only make him more dangerous. Turning his skin into iron or compressing his spiritual energies to make his roar super powerful. Atlas's legends tell many tales. Perhaps you have the time to listen?

-----Atlas Van Malice-----
Age: 20 (Dragon Years: 16)
Sex: Male
Breed: Nocturnal Sapphirewing
Element: Spirit
Personality: Peaceful, Cheerful, Funny, Protective, Passive-Aggressive.
Age: Unknown (Dragon Years: OLD AS ******** />Sex: Male
Breed: Freezing PhantomStorm
Element: Spirit
Personality: Uncaring, Aggressive, Arrogant, Distinguished, Normally Composed.

Strength: ••••••• 7/10
Perception: ••••• 6/10
Endurance: •••••••• 8/10
Charisma: •••• 5/10
Intelligence: ••••• 5/10
Agility: •••••••• 8/10
Luck: ••• 3/10
Strength: •••••••••• 10/10
Perception: ••••••• 8/10
Endurance: •••••••••• 10/10
Charisma: •••••••• 8/10
Intelligence: •••••••• 8/10
Agility: •••••••• 8/10
Luck: ••••••• 7/10

Flight , Tough Skin , Super Strength , Unrelenting Roar , Spirit Burst Roar , Superior Spirit Burst Roar!.
Iron Skin , Heart Of Fire Stage 1 , heart Of Fire Stage 2 , Heart Of Fire Stage 3 , Fists Of Fire , Quaking Will.
Dragon Lord/Natural
Razor Scales, Spirit Burst Roar Tri-Crash, Ultimate Spirit Burst Roar!, Energy Emanation, Energy Emancipation, Dragon Claws, Tough Skin. Super Strength.
Ancient Power
Super Sonic Speed, Command Of Ghosts.


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Just got back from a trip. It has been really hot.
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Natan Amos
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kelsey the sky demon
Omg ur dragon lord?! I am a demon queen lol.
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