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Holy carp! Art!

Young Atlas.

By watersquirt!


of the Wyrmblood Covenant

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The one your staring at is one of the youngest of the strongest dragons in Gaia. Though he seldomly wields a weapon. That which makes him most dangerous is his swift reflexes, his superior strength for his profession and ultimately his natural abilities as a dragon altogether

This Dragon is no simple fire breather or rock crusher however. He is of a breed of the rarest variety. Hunted to near extinction. Though his skin and scales may be a palette of blue and purple he is no water or shadow dragon either. The only known species of dragon said to be born holding the blood of immortality. A Nocturnal Sapphirewing. A Spirit Dragon.

The immortal blood of a Spirit Dragon is seldomly awakened upon birth. It takes time, experience, growth and the interaction with immeasurable power to truly awaken the immortal power of the Eclipse Blood. The changes that occur and the form the body takes after awakening is dependant on the experiences of the host. Some of the pure of heart can die as gods remembered through time. Others... time will hopefully forget.

-----Atlas Van Malice-----
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Breed: Immortal Nocturnal Sapphirewing
Element: Spirit
Personality: Kinda goofy, Cheerful, Funny, Protective, Passive-Aggressive, Only really aggressive when agitated in a certain manner.
-----Awakened Atlas-----
Breed: Immortal Eclipse Nova
Element: Mythic Spirit
Personality: Care-free, confident, intimidating, No-nonsense, Acts kind of cruel but is good at heart.

+Has an incredible sense of smell.
+Strong as ******** />+Sexy Awakened form.
-Sensitive tail.
-Isn't as popular as Wixi.
-THE most likely to be targeted by evil forces.

Strength: ••••••• 7/10
Perception: ••••• 6/10
Endurance: •••••••• 8/10
Charisma: •••• 6/10
Intelligence: ••••• 6/10
Agility: •••••••• 7/10
Luck: •••• 5/10
-----Awakened Atlas------
Strength: ••••••••• 9/10
Perception: •••••••• 8/10
Endurance: •••••••••• 10/10
Charisma: ••••• 5/10
Intelligence: •••••• 6/10
Agility: •••••••••• 9/10
Luck: ••••• 5/10

Flight, Tough Skin, Flaming Soul Fists, Super Strength, Dragon Roar, Spirit Burst Roar, Superior Spirit Burst Roar!, Raging Soul Fists.
Iron Skin, Heart Of Fire Stage 1, Heart Of Fire Stage 2, Heart Of Fire Stage 3,
-----Awakened Atlas-----
Immortal Form
Heart Of Fire Ultra, Titan strength, Monarch's Roar, Ultra Spirit Burst Roar!, Eclipse Skin.
Purple = Super Dangerous Ability.
Red = Dangerous Ability.
Orange = Serious Ability.
No Color = Normal Ability.

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