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People have this "A rock is a rock" mentality. They only see them for what they are. They don't think about where they originated from or how they were formed. We essentially walk all over this earth, but we never stop to contemplate the mechanisms below the earth's crust. Rocks can tell us stories of the past. You can find ancient life preserved in sedimentary structures; fossils that were preserved for millions of years just waiting to be discovered. Rocks go through some pretty intricate processes too, especially your metamorphic rocks.

I'll definitely have to check those out! The Google + page seems very promising. 3nodding

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Indeed, I am! YAY, somebody else that is interested in the same stuff as I am! Seriously, geology is so under appreciated. emo
I actually haven't taken a class in petrology yet (but would love to because petrographic microscopes produce beautiful slides-- it tops my 150X digital microscope by a long shot). I've mostly focused on the physical and historical aspects of geology, as well as branched my studies into oceanography a bit. I have major interest in volcanology and paleontology.

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I like rocks.
[ estuary ]

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[ estuary ]

Gosh your avy is fabulous

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There's nothing funny about the lack of Tea and Crumpets. It's a sad world without it.

I will, however, take the internets with me.



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