My heart belongs to no one else I will stay here next to you and even though my heart is strong
its soft when you turn blue and even though my heart is black and yours as pure as gold my heart will stand by yours forever and hope you've taken my sole.

I Love you so much My Sweet and fair warning she is MINE Drakkhen Uzu

[A]bout [H]er

~Name: Ateru.
~Age: Twenty-Two.
~Date of Birth: 31st. of January.

~Height: Five-Foot Three in.
~Complexion/Tone: Pale/Smooth.
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~Zodiac: Aquarius.
~Element Fire.
~Favorite Color: Purple.
~M. Status: ♥FoundLove♥
~Gaia Family:
~ Sister: Lenne

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Seth Faithkeeper

Report | 08/18/2015 2:03 pm

Seth Faithkeeper

Heeeelloooo Uzuuuuu!
And hello again Ateru!

I'm hanging out in towns. biggrin

Report | 08/18/2015 9:10 am


Hello pretty lady.
I hope you are well
Seth Faithkeeper

Report | 08/17/2015 8:59 pm

Seth Faithkeeper

Oh thaaannk yoooouuu! <3 <3
Mr. cat loves you guys.
Seth Faithkeeper

Report | 08/17/2015 8:46 pm

Seth Faithkeeper

I wanna stay! I wanna staaaaaayyy.~ gonk
Duke of Lalune

Report | 07/06/2015 9:22 am

Duke of Lalune

Haha. I do that with title screens of certain games or movies.
Oh really? I don't think I'm ready for an online Elder Scrolls just yet. I want to finish Oblivion and Skyrim first. There is something about those games I love that is single player experience.
Duke of Lalune

Report | 07/06/2015 8:42 am

Duke of Lalune

Yeah? Wow that's awesome! I really like the main theme lol
Duke of Lalune

Report | 06/30/2015 4:14 pm

Duke of Lalune

//Senpai Duke notices your cuteness//
Have a wonderful day. And stay out of trouble little sis!
Uzu Kimuro

Report | 06/21/2015 1:54 pm

Uzu Kimuro

I love you too ♥
Uzu Kimuro

Report | 05/13/2015 4:07 pm

Uzu Kimuro

6 DAYS LEFT ~! heart heart heart
Luxuria Maleficus

Report | 04/12/2015 7:26 pm

Luxuria Maleficus

Rofl. heart