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Report | 04/22/2014 6:58 pm

Icy Vergil

Vergil's eyes flitted to Sinbad's elbow for the briefest of moments as he was nudged. He was, again, slightly intrigued by how informally this man acted toward him. Perhaps in the past he would have scorned such behavior, but after such a long period of isolation and constant paranoia, friendliness was something he could grow to enjoy. He barely suppressed a smile and exhaled a soft snort through his nose, looking slightly amused until the subject of women was breached. Vergil blanched, turning nearly marble white in the moonlight, and once again averted his gaze.

"I haven't any need to pursue relations of that sort. There's no power to be gained from it." His words were concise, if not a little clipped. With any luck, Sinbad would accept them without question... after all, it was mostly the truth. The color returned to his face soon enough as the other man proceeded to compliment him, even going so far as to express admiration while speaking humbly about himself. It made Vergil unbearably uncomfortable to hear Sinbad speak in such a way, up until the point that his true intentions were revealed. In all honesty, the half-demon had suspected that there was more to Sinbad's interest than simply wanting to help Vergil gain power, though he'd not given it much thought due to the ensuing circumstances of their meeting. Hearing it from the other man personally eroded some of Vergil's hesitation, if only a little of it. Being indebted to someone wasn't a feeling he took much pleasure in, but an equal trade was another matter entirely.

"A second chance... you speak too kindly of me." Vergil allowed his gaze to meet Sinbad's, and while the ice was still there, a flicker of something else ignited in its frigid depths. "If I'm able to gain the power to protect everything I cherish, it's inevitable that I'll turn my blade against your enemies."

He glanced toward the sea, his eyes reflecting the stars as they danced along with the waves. "That kind of strength... it's the least I could do to repay you."
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Report | 04/22/2014 4:20 pm

Icy Vergil

Still watching the inky waves, he became aware of the bright orbs breaking up the monotony of the darkness and instead turned his gaze to the sky. He'd never seen the stars shine so brightly before, even from atop the Temen-ni-gru, which seemed to rip the very fabric of the sky at its peak. Vergil acknowledged that Sinbad had spoken by tilting his head toward the other man, though not enough to be able to look directly at him.

"That isn't a promise I'd expect you to adhere to. However..." he paused, if only for a moment, "...if you're certain it won't be an inconvenience, I have no objections to it."

With his expression well-concealed, Vergil outwardly feigned indifference to the mention of the dungeons that had piqued his curiosity on their slow, ambling journey to Sinbad's ship. "Ah... yes, I suppose. You've conquered... seven of them, was it? I'm sure that in my current condition, I'd stand no chance of conquering even a wine cellar, let alone something as ominous-sounding as a dungeon."

The more he stood there, the more uncomfortable he felt having his back to the other man. Finally feeling the hair on the nape of his neck begin to stand on end, he turned and stared at him. He supposed it was rather insolent to stare at a king, but given the informal caliber of their conversation up until now, he dared to take his chances.

"... You realize that I'm very different from my brother, do you not? While you may have accepted us both as allies... comrades, or whichever label you'd like to affix to it, I can't help but question why you were so quick to do so. In my case, that is."

He was reasonably satisfied that he knew why Sinbad and Dante had gotten along so famously. Despite having obvious situational differences, at their core was the same kind of light... something Vergil sorely lacked.

{{ Hnnnngh. @___@ -zombie drool- }}
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Report | 04/22/2014 3:19 pm

Pirate Rufi

User Image

Having heard about Sinbad's achievements only moments before, including something about 'conquering dungeons,' Luffy wasn't shocked by the king's ability to stand up to the power that knocked out the marines. The pirate captain simply blinked at Sinbad and smiled in relief. "Ah, you're fine! Cool! I believed you, ya know...that you must be a king. But now I have proof! You're strong!! And yeah... I do have Haki."
Plopping onto the ground, Luffy waited for a reply while digging his finger into the slit wound in his thigh. He was fidgeting with the bloody laceration because he knew something was still inside his leg. He was a long way from his ship, and therefore also a long way from his doctor, Chopper. Had the marines been smart enough to plant something in him, on purpose? Was it even a sword that had struck Luffy? It certainly looked like one. Stupid marines...hiding from me, then an ambush...they might as well have brought a stronger member with them. Of course I was gonna find them if they tried anything, he thought, frowning and concentrating intensely on his leg. However, at the moment, he didn't sense any conscious marines in the area, and he let his guard down as he opened his ears to Sinbad.
Maybe this king could use Haki, too...it was a mystery for now, but Luffy was glad that it seemed Sinbad had nothing against pirates. At least, when Luffy proclaimed his dream of becoming King of the Pirates, Sinbad didn't object in any kind of way. In fact it was the opposite. How can a king like pirates? He must have a country to protect...how strange!!
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Report | 04/22/2014 2:26 pm

Icy Vergil

It was a bit of a surprise to see a ship, though in retrospect, Vergil supposed that it should have been a logical conclusion to come to. After all, hadn't Sinbad mentioned something about the Seven Seas? The half-breed hadn't taken a word he'd said seriously until power was brought into play, but the situation had changed considerably since then. A tiny flicker of interest awoke in his ice-blue eyes at being reminded of the dungeons Sinbad had talked about shortly after they'd met. If they were the sources of the power his new-found ally wielded, his decision was absolute: Vergil would learn more about them and seek them out himself. Sinbad's laughter jolted him from the path his thoughts were beginning to travel, and for a moment he felt almost sheepish for thinking them.

"Of course. My apologies for having doubted you."

Vergil averted his eyes as the multitudes of soldiers greeted Sinbad and spoke to him reverently, feeling out of place and very much like a burden. Gently, so as not to seem ungrateful for his help, Vergil removed his arm from around the other man's neck and moved a short distance away, forcing himself to walk without so much as a limp to preserve what shreds of pride he was still able to cling to.

"I couldn't possibly ask you to sacrifice your time. I'm sure the royal to-do list is nothing to take lightly."

He affixed his gaze to the darkened water stretching toward the horizon. While it certainly wasn't his first time traveling by sea, he'd never been on such a large ship, and never one being commandeered by a king.

{{ I... I've been sucked in... I'm on episode 11 now. xD; Oooh, I can feel my life being drained away by Sinbad's abs and attractive eyebrows. }}
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Report | 04/22/2014 12:36 pm

Icy Vergil

It took Vergil a few moments to catch his breath after the last stand. He had not entered his demon form even once since his escape from Hell, as such an enormous expenditure of power would have drawn demons to him like a beacon in the night. While thoroughly worn out from the ordeal, it was a different weakness than the frailty of his formerly torture-scarred body. He didn't protest when Sinbad helped him to stand, instead raking his fingers roughly through his blood-soaked hair to shake the offending viscosity out of it. Vergil stiffened slightly and reddened to the tips of his ears at having an arm around his waist, but he made no comment about it.

"It was luck. If there had been any more, I wouldn't have come out of it," he said, bitterness dripping from his voice, "... Sindria, hm?"

Again, he didn't protest. Anywhere but here would suit Vergil just fine. He gave Sinbad a sidelong look, puzzled by his cheerful disposition. Thinking back to their battle simply made the half-demon brood darkly at his own lack of power in comparison to the other man and drove him to speak in a strangely subdued tone.

"I hope you won't think me rude for asking such a question," he mumbled, "but.... who... what are you?"

{{ It's quite alright, please don't worry about it. ... But I like kinks. >xD Kekeke. I'm on episode 8 now. I really like it! }}
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Report | 04/21/2014 9:37 pm

Icy Vergil

While the majority of the demons that had caught the full brunt of his transformation were eliminated upon impact, there were plenty more that had simply been knocked back and momentarily stunned. Even though Vergil was taking them out in record speed with his carefully aimed judgement cuts, it wasn't long before they were closing in on him again. The demonic energy wasn't holding out as long as it used to; his wounded and considerably weakened body drank up the power like a plant that had been deprived of both water and sunlight, and while he was in better condition now than at the start of the battle, it was waning fast.

Then came the rumbling that seemed to come from both the ground beneath his feet and the sky above him. It left him slightly bewildered and confused as his first thought was that it had come from the demons, though that was proven to be a false assumption when he realized they were acting just as disoriented by it as he had. Despite his attempts to draw it out as long as he possibly could, it was at that time that his demonic energy expired. The light that had exploded from his transformed body gathered around him and disappeared inside of him once again. The demons, quickly regaining their momentum as their prey became weaker again, closed in on him like a pack of vultures around a dying animal and launched themselves into the air above him. Whether they had meant to crush him or seal off any escape routes, Vergil had no idea... but he didn't intend to go down that easily. Sliding Yamato silkily out of its sheathe, Vergil swung it in high arcs above his head in rapid succession before carefully slipping it back inside. Time itself seemed to stop for a long moment, and then the half-demon's efforts were duly rewarded. Demons split from head to toe landed in front of, behind, and on every side of him, showering him in their rancid blood. Vaguely, he heard someone call his name through the heartbeat pounding in his ears.

"It's.... taken care of..."

The lightning only moments earlier, the demon stench surrounding him, and his own exhaustion from the devil trigger overwhelmed him. Dropping to one knee before he could catch himself, Vergil groaned and clutched his head as he attempted to get back on his feet.


{{ His various forms are quite lovely! And... and... that leaf. emotion_drool Ooooh that leaf. xD No worries! Gaia's good at screwing things up. }}
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Report | 04/21/2014 7:51 pm

Icy Vergil

"Tch..." Vergil mumbled under his breath, "Sounds just like him."

His grumbling was cut short as surprise overtook him and he watched as Sinbad underwent some kind of ... transformation. Sinbad was no demon; it was unlikely that this, then, was any type of demon form. No, this power was something else entirely, and the sheer strength radiating from him was enough to spark Vergil's covetous, competitive nature into action. He spared only a moment to appreciate the other man's newly empowered form before popping up Yamato's hand guard ever so slightly with his thumb. He'd have to be sure to stay clear of Sinbad's devastating whirlwinds, lest he end up blown to Hell and back like the other demons.

"So it's decided." Turning his back to his new ally, Vergil strode toward the opposing mass of gathering demons slowly and with purpose, his long coat billowing out behind him in the wind. He would have to conserve as much energy as he could, and that meant letting them come to him. The smell of his blood was faint on his clothing, but still present and more than enough to draw them closer. Overcome by their own bloodlust, the demons that had been divvied out as his to take care of barreled toward him with no hesitation. The first wave to reach him was met with the glint of his katana in the moonlight only an instant before it was subdued, followed shortly by the second. His movements were calculated and concise, exerting no more energy than was necessary, but it soon became apparent that he was falling short of his expected performance. The infamous, deathly pride of his would not allow him to call out for help. With roughly half of them left, Vergil remained silent as they closed in and swarmed over him, claws, teeth, and weapons alike tearing into his flesh.

I refuse... to give in...


In a blinding flash, the demons covering the white-haired demon were thrown up into the air as if a bomb had exploded beneath them. The air itself was heavily charged with something akin to electricity, and at the center of the distortion, a pair of leathery black wings unfolded themselves. The familiar feeling of demonic power washed over Vergil and he emitted what could have passed as a sigh of relief. Not one to dawdle while the tides were turned in his favor, the eldest son of Sparda introduced Yamato quite intimately to the demons that weren't able to get away from him in time, and redirected his focus on the ones that had fled. He knew he couldn't stay in this form indefinitely, and though the thought pained him in ways that few could understand, Vergil began picking the stragglers off on by one with far-reaching judgement cuts in order to let his body heal while he had the chance.

{{ xD; It's been ages since I've RP'd a fight scene... I'm usually a lover, not a fighter. ;D Lol forgive my terrible battle skillz.
I kind of drooled a little over that picture. @_@; Here's one for you! http://i.imgur.com/HFjCSyY.gif }}
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Report | 04/21/2014 5:15 pm

Icy Vergil

An odd sensation settled over Vergil as Sinbad took the liberty of officiating their alliance, and he stared unabashedly at the other man's face as he spoke. He'd made only one other alliance: the ill-fated pact between himself and the traitorous Arkham. He had never viewed Arkham as an equal; he was a pawn, pure and simple, up until the point of his betrayal. But this man...

Vergil averted his gaze, feeling the pressure of Sinbad's hand upon his shoulder. Would he be able to protect anyone else? He could barely protect himself, and even more of a concern than that was his disinclination get involved in others' situations. His dark musings were interrupted, again, by the unsettling sensation that had enveloped him only moments before. Looking back to the other man, he felt something inside of him unfurl and stretch almost longingly toward that warm aura. Vergil's mouth hung slightly agape, and he found himself at a loss for words.


He shook his head and replaced the somewhat awestruck look upon his face with an intense scowl, taking a step back away from Sinbad.

"So it begins. It's me they want... there's still time for you to escape."

Running a hand inconspicuously down the front of his vest, Vergil judged that his wounds weren't fully healed, but the flesh had knitted itself together enough to keep from tearing open at the slightest friction from his clothing. From there, he tightened the thin gold sash holding Yamato at his side in preparation for whatever was coming.

{{ xD By all means, please do. Oh, and I started watching Magi today. You made me want to get to know Sinbad better. 8D I adore Aladdin's fat watermelon belly. }}
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Report | 04/21/2014 10:30 am

Icy Vergil

Vergiil watched Sinbad warily as he came closer, and while he didn't flinch when the other's blade was drawn, his fingers involuntarily twitched in the direction of Yamato. It was pure force of habit after living life on the run for such a long, arduous period of time. He listened to Sinbad without interrupting, simply clenching his jaw in repressed frustration. The half-demon couldn't argue against it; he was worthless as he was now, and attempting to gain power on his own had been a fruitless endeavor each and every time he'd pursued it. Still, Sinbad seemed to see something in him that he, himself, didn't believe was there. If there was even a slim chance of success...

"... Fine. I'll do whatever it takes."

Vergil's voice was subdued and held a tinge of defeat. Allying himself with another was one thing, but an entire country? This was new territory, though he couldn't deny that having a relatively safe place to escape to if the need arose was a luxury he'd gone without for far too long.
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Report | 04/19/2014 3:37 pm

Icy Vergil

Feeling uptight and simultaneously crushed under the weight of his self-proclaimed failures, Vergil held his tongue, though his hand had found its way to Yamato with a white-knuckled grip. On some level, he knew Sinbad was correct... at least partially.

"Perhaps there was nothing I could do as a child... but even now I feel helpless. Having to rely on a stranger..." he trailed off, shaking his head with a grimace painted upon his lips, "...it's shameful. I'll become powerful, or I'll die trying. I will become strong enough to protect Dante on my own."

He gazed squarely upon Sinbad, frosty blue eyes locking with the other man's.

"It's dangerous to cherish anything. When I'm certain he won't be taken from me, and only then... I'll ask for forgiveness."

Aware of the disgustingly sentimental undertones of his words, Vergil's lip curled up in a sneer.

"You sound just like Dante. It's no wonder you two got along so well." He shook his head again. "I don't know who you think you are, but if you intend to take on the entirety of Hell by yourself... well, I can't let you have all the fun. I should be as good as new in a few days, and then we'll see what we can do. Sound fair?"
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Report | 04/19/2014 5:14 am

Icy Vergil

Vergil pressed his hand to his forehead wearily and groaned, a sound of utter contempt that held the slightest hint of humor within it. "I have no desire to become a 'party-goer', as you call it. Being a slobbering drunk is Dante's specialty."

His face showed mild surprise at Sinbad's next words, with his next reaction being to scowl and look as sour as possible. Of course, he didn't owe Sinbad any explanations, but the prospect of being labeled as "not so bad" was simply unacceptable. Drawing himself up to his full height, he glowered. "You wouldn't understand it. Dante and I were separated as children after our mother was killed... if I'd only been stronger back then..."

Vergil slammed his fist into his open palm, his voice taking on the gruff inflection it had before. "I'm the eldest, even if only by a matter of minutes. It was my responsibility to protect him, and I failed!" He took a deep breath and unclenched his fist to smooth his hair back with his fingers. "I can't allow myself to get close to him again. The next time I fail could very well be the end of either one of us... if not both."

{{ Pssssh, if I don't have to worry about that, you don't either! xD Silly pants. Kekeke. }}
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Report | 04/18/2014 9:26 pm

Pirate Rufi

User Image

A sincere grin spread across Luffy's face as he was thanked. Next, the boy's eyes blinked in a quick flicker. He was genuinely surprised.
"You're a king?! That's awesome!! I am gonna be a king too, ya know. The Pirate King, that is-!!" Luffy laughed, though there was strong resolution in his voice.
"Sinbad, huh? Ya know what, I've never heard that before... that name is funny, though! The two words that make up your name are almost the same. Did you know that, Sinbad?"
Luffy uttered the name with an experimental accent. Even though it was quite a unique name, Luffy loved the way it sounded!

Suddenly, a glistening blade was violently slung from a roof and dug right into Luffy's thigh. "W-what the--?!!" he stuttered, not knowing how it was possible to be caught so off guard. Weakness seeped into Luffy's wounded leg. The sword was definitely made of seastone, and he was about to be ambushed.
Tipping the back of his head against the wall, casting his instincts out towards the surrounding buildings, the pirate captain sensed several people scurrying through the town.
A white jacket flashed at the edge of Luffy's vision, and he caught the symbol of "Justice" embroidered on the back.
They were marines.
"You're a king, so you'll be fine," the boy reassured Sinbad. "But I'm a pirate. I'm in trouble, but I'm gonna get out of it real quick. No need to wait for me. Escape if you have to, but the marines here probably won't have anything against you. Now stay back."
Grunting from the pain, Luffy weakly gripped the handle and ripped the sword from his thigh. "Sorry, this stone makes me weak," he quickly explained to Sinbad, glancing up at the king.
He then managed to stand up and walk, though somewhat trembling, to the center of the town square.
While in plain sight, the marines almost immediately spotted him. They charged, all armed with seastone equipment.
Luffy's pupils had an eerie magenta sheen to them, and suddenly, his white-coated opponents dropped straight to the dusty ground, all unconscious. A few bright foam bubbles clustered in many of their gaping mouths.
Blood trickled down Luffy's leg. He still felt strange. He wasn't sure if he had pulled the sword out properly, or if it was barbed...it seemed as if there was still a piece of seastone lodged in his leg. But his train of thought vanished almost in an instant when he realized he might have hit Sinbad with his wave of Haki. Rushing as fast as he could back to the barrels, only stumbling slightly, Luffy hoped his new friend was still fully conscious.
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Report | 04/17/2014 3:45 pm

Icy Vergil


Vergil fixed his gaze on the hand Sinbad had released. Truth be told, Vergil cared nothing for the human world. He cared nothing for the innocents caught in the crossfire of his wayward plans, for the havoc let loose upon the masses when he summoned Temen-ni-gru. For what, then, would he seek redemption? From who? Knowing the answer all too well, he looked to Sinbad again.

"Do you honestly believe you can judge your own capacity for redemption? I am beyond hope... the damage I've done is irreparable. Still, you say I'm deserving of forgiveness?" The half-demon's gaze bore into Sinbad, chipping away at the carefree facade he'd covered himself with again. "That's what redemption boils down to, isn't it? Forgiveness from those you've wronged?"

Vergil crossed his arms over his chest. "If that's the case, you probably have more of a chance at it than I do. He'll never forgive me... not that I'd ask him to."

Shrugging, he looked away and took on a slightly more indifferent tone.

"Should we ever get to that place, I'll forewarn you that I don't handle alcohol very well."
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Report | 04/17/2014 8:18 am

Icy Vergil

Taken aback by the sudden contact, Vergil lost his focus and stared blankly at Sinbad, then down at the hand upon his. It didn't occur to him to pull away just at that moment; the violent haze that had begun to cloud his mind lifted and dispersed, and for an instant the angry hybrid felt something akin to peace. It was for that reason only that he remained quiet and listened as the other man spoke. He'd felt such a relieving calm with only one other's touch since he'd developed this hateful thirst for power, and the thought turned the tips of his ears red with shame. Feeling decidedly more in control of himself, Vergil averted his gaze as the other finished speaking.

"...I seem to have lost my composure. My apologies." Curiosity needled at him regarding Sinbad's last statement, and he glanced at the man briefly with a questioning look. "You fell into this bloody chasm as well?"

{{ Ah... it was a little too crowded for my tastes. Like Vergil, I'm actually not much of a people person. Kekeke. }}
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Report | 04/16/2014 9:04 pm

Pirate Rufi

User Image
((It's hilarious, of course it's okay! I hope you don't mind my pictures. If you do, say so, it's fine.))

The pirate captain's eyes grew wide at the sight of the naked man directly in his path. After a pause that seemed like decades, the boy grabbed at his own stomach and slouched his torso, laughing loudly. "Bahahahhahahaaaa!! Are you a jungle man?!" he blurted, imagining a sort of 'nomad' who wanted to feel the breeze on his skin. "Oh, nevermind...you WANT clothes!" The captain's laughing finally started to quiet down, and the pirate wiped a single tear from his eye. "Yeah, yeah! I can help you! Hang on..." Darting his eyes towards a nearby shop, the young pirate dashed in. A loud ripping sound could be heard, along with immediate sounds of glass breaking and frantic yelling. Suddenly, the pirate captain burst out of the shop, a long purple curtain trailing behind him. "Oi, run, naked guy!!" he ordered, shoving his shoulder into the newly met stranger and getting him to move. But the young pirate used too much force; a set of barrels broke their fall, but the pirate landed face-first into the wood. After dislodging the splinters, he waved the curtain around proudly. "I got ya this!! There's a guy who didn't like that I took it... he said he didn't except treasure tabs. Oh, well. Here! Put this on!!" He draped the curtain over the stranger's knees. It was clear that the young pirate was pleased at helping the stranger... though a curtain may not be what the newcomer had in mind.
"My name is Luffy by the way! What's your name? Or can I just call ya Jungle Man With A Leaf?"
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Report | 04/16/2014 7:51 pm

Pirate Rufi

HHHHhhhhmmmm... can you start? You already know my character backwards and forwards. Can I have a small intro? Then I'll interact with you!!
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Report | 04/16/2014 4:07 pm

Icy Vergil

The ice-blue eyes remained fixed on Sinbad, watching the range of expressions he offered grow more contemplative and, ultimately, darker. He refrained from breaking the silence, as he'd said all he needed to. Thinking about his narrow escape was not a pastime Vergil enjoyed, nor did he relish the memories of his stay in captivity. He absently placed a hand upon his scar-covered torso, though he couldn't feel the lacerated skin beneath his vest. While the wounds were healing nicely, they had been rather severe and were taking much longer to heal due to his weakened state.


Vergil's brows raised in surprise at Sinbad's unexpected statements. "You're suggesting that we target Mundus? That's madness... if we fail, we'll both suffer a fate worse than death!"

The elder twin's eyes flashed with incredulity. "I lack power. While I escaped that fate by sheer dumb luck, I won't get so lucky a second time."

His lengthy fingers wrapped themselves around Yamato's sheath and gripped it tightly.

"I need... more ... power!"
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Report | 04/16/2014 2:32 pm

Icy Vergil

"Hmph." Vergil shifted his gaze forward again, looking at nothing in particular. He felt foolish and a little annoyed with himself for wondering about Dante. His brother could take care of himself; it was his own skin he should be worried about. The elder twin gave a rather unfriendly grunt when asked about his own circumstances, picking up Yamato and sliding it smoothly into its sheathe before responding.

"I challenged the ruler of Hell."

Again, Vergil ran his fingers through his messily slicked-back hair in agitation.

"I wasn't strong enough... I was defeated, but not lucky enough to receive death as my punishment. Imprisonment, torture, humiliation... you get the idea. The gate to the human realm had been sealed behind me; however, I escaped my confines intending to get lost amongst the hordes of demons around Hell's outskirts."

Vergil turned to look at Sinbad, noting the change in his expression.

"What I stumbled across was something I should have known existed... demons had been infiltrating the human world for centuries! Just stragglers, for the most part, but they had gotten here somehow." He paused, allowing himself to return to his cool demeanor. "I stumbled across a portal, barely big enough for me to crawl through. None but the very smallest of demons would have been able to pass. Because of this, Mundus began searching for me... and after he realized what happened, he also began seeking out these portals."

The elder twin looked at his hands with disgust. "Mundus and his creatures had been in the process of breaking me in when I escaped. I'm still ... weak."

{{ Yes, that's it exactly. - w - Vergil wouldn't normally be this talkative, but he's giving a proper return for the info on Dante, kekeke. }}
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Report | 04/15/2014 2:57 pm

Icy Vergil

Vergil listened without speaking, keeping his back to his new-found ally as he spoke of the younger twin. It was no surprise that Dante only spoke of him when inebriated; Vergil imagined that he was the thorn in his brother's side that could be so well-hidden that it only surfaced when alcohol loosened his tongue and peeled back the layers of scar tissue with which time had covered him. The half-demon found a strange satisfaction in knowing he'd left such an impression. Turning his head slightly, a short laugh erupted from his lips as Sinbad described the incident with the dancers.

"He's always had terrible luck with women." He paused, turning just a little more to peer over his shoulder. "...He survived, didn't he? Don't tell me someone other than me got the best of him."

{{ Thanks! - w - Sometimes it's hard to make a long post with Vergil. He's so... concise~ haha. }}
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Report | 04/15/2014 12:43 pm

Icy Vergil

The expression on his face remained unchanging, though Sinbad's hand on his blade had not gone unnoticed by the keen, ice-blue eyes. He drew his arm back and ran his own gloved hand over the edge of the blade to test its sharpness; it easily nicked his thumb and a few crimson drops splashed upon the ground before the wound healed itself. There was no doubt that this strange man held some type of power, and Vergil vowed to find out exactly what it was... among other things. Turning his back to Sinbad, he almost reverently clasped his hands above Yamato's hand guard and let the blade rest lightly on the ground.

"... Dante. Tell me more."

{{ Haha, thank you. I just don't want you to feel short-changed by my sometimes-brief replies. redface }}
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