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Fun Fact of the Day: All polar bears are left handed.


Name: Asunara Wisdom

You may call me Asu, Asuna... Hmmm... You may nickname me as you wish, but for business purposes, I prefer Asuna. Asu is a more 'familiar' term, so use Asu if you were a closer friend.

Age: Hidden. If I were a closer friend to you, then I would say.

Birthday: July 10th

Hair Colour: Black

Eye Colour: Black

Languages: English, Tagalog (Filipino), Korean (a little. I can read a bit of it and understand a bit of it, but I'm slow), Spanish (learning in school), German (a little, in preparation for next year)

Location: Northern California (Silicon Valley rules!)

This profile is obviously not updated often. Just feel free to comment on anything, PM me... I know a bit of coding, though since I've moved from Tinier Me, I am still trying to get used to Gaia and learn how to code and such.

Also, I'm an awesome roleplayer if I do say myself *shot for being arrogant*

But really, I do roleplay. I do Hetalia roleplays, and I plan on getting into Professor Layton roleplays. Don't be afraid to drop me an MM if you have any questions or want me to do any roleplays! Though you should keep in mind I make it a point that I never really do 1 x 1's on MM... I'm awkward. I can play any Hetalia character, though I do have my preferences. *coughNorwayandBelaruscough*

I love to write. That's something, isn't it? Literacy is awesome. I love literacy. I love books. So give me some book recommendations if you'd like~!

I'm also the kind of person who wants to travel, so please bear with my list of places I want to go right here~

Washington DC
Iceland (especially to see the Northern Lights)
Philippines (I wanna go back home in a balikbayan box! > biggrin )
South Korea
That giant rubber band ball somewhere in the US
The Moon
Alaska (I wanna ride a moose o 3o)
Yellowstone National Park
Yosemite National Park (I know I've been there so many times, but I can just never believe the beauty)

Argh, yes I want to go to those kinds of places. If you like travel as well, drop a PM!

I like random questions, like "Would you rather get killed by a shark or by a lightning bolt?". I would love if some people would randomly PM those kinds of questions to me. I answer those in my diaries as well smile

So drop an PM! I won't bite... unless you want me to ;D

- A s u

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red dumb Report | 11/14/2012 10:12 pm
red dumb
omg no I'm not
red dumb Report | 11/13/2012 5:43 am
red dumb
omfg are you kidding me
this is literally the only outfit I have, haha



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