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Hi, I'm Asuka Kannazuki. AKA Omar Miguel (IRL). Japanese Name: Shinnosuke Oma (王魔 慎之介 Ōma Shin'nosuke)

Age: 25

Date of Birth: Oct. 1, 1991

Race: Filipino but looks and acts like a Fil-Am (IRL), Energy Being: A kind of hybrid of a Incubus and a Vampire

Nicknames: Paradox, Chain, Chainy-kun, Shin (IRL: Miguel, Oma)

Aliases: The Chain-Male Incubus, Chain-Male Philosopher, The Snarky Sharp-Tongued Archer, The Babbling Battling Berserker of Babylon, Gear Master

Abilities: "Chain Reaction Magic", Super Swordsmanship, Ninjutsu, Regeneration, Power Absorption, "Casandra's Curse"(turns into a female version of myself at will),"Pula Prana" (creating a crimson energy out of the surrounding force/mana out of whatever's around me while changing its properties depending on the situation), Reading Minds, and "Battle Brandish" (empowers any weapons I come into contact into tools of destruction).

I'm a dimensional onlooker/mercenary re-birthed from my past life by Casandra Scarlet, aka Ca-san (sounds like "ka-san" as in mother). I've been to different worlds and dimensions, some are alternate versions of others, and I love traveling. Ca-san has a tendency of giving me "assignments" any given time, sometime she informs me unexpectedly (ex: she told me to hunt monsters while I was in the shower, she even gets in naked to "calm me a little" as she puts it). Sometimes it's not easy to do them, but it's great to feel rush of adrenaline in a great fight with dynamic fast-pace scenes.

I am living 2 lives since my re-birth, one of then is I'm a college student in the Mochizuki Academy living with my family of 5 (me, my new parents and two siblings). I take in a few part-time jobs to satisfy my own consumption while I save my allowance for emergency uses.

Despite this new life, my anger & resentment deep inside my heart has remnants of my past life filled with misery, despair, and wrath, so much so that I feel like my right arm wants to punch or grab anything as a weapon for destroying my enemies, I even "killed" my despised former family to achieve my life-long revenge.

Casandra saved my life by giving me a life-altering contract from her that not only dispelled my past but also being reborn by sending my spirit into a different world on the same date that I was originally born. As I'm growing up with a new life after the events took placed, my sins still remain in me yet never have overtaken me like in my past-self.

Ca-san saw this as an opportunity to let me release my fury by making me into a warrior at the age of 15, I've defeated monsters and killed of many people related to evil groups/organizations to prevent their plot to take over the world. Despite her manipulating my hatred, she does care for me that she became the mother (sister, friend, lover, and potential wife) I never knew, she even let's me call her "Mama". Casandra loves me so much that she even gave her virginity to ease my aching heart, passionately quenching my desires of compassionate-love and longing-lust, for we long for each other as thought we are destined to be.

Casandra told to me "Someday you'll be free from your past...but in must claim the memories (if necessarily) of their lives and also those who're not worthy to witness our true goal". I will become her servant for I have devoted my heart and soul to my "Scarlet Savior"....


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Pack-A-Bowl Report | 04/12/2017 2:07 am

Just passing by sending <3 to a you my gaian friend.
Hope all is well.
Kirby Piper Report | 04/06/2017 7:24 pm
Kirby Piper
Hey I just wanted to say hello I seen you few times in towns 2 I been trying to say hello but you ignore me! but oh well I just wanted to say hi by the way.
Noble LuLu Of Crown Royal Report | 03/15/2017 9:21 am
Noble LuLu Of Crown Royal
I see cool cool
Noble LuLu Of Crown Royal Report | 03/11/2017 1:36 am
Noble LuLu Of Crown Royal
Hey man tryed to talk to you yesterday but you dident say anything and u poofed. Is every thing okay ?
Pack-A-Bowl Report | 03/07/2017 1:54 am
Hi ^^
Pack-A-Bowl Report | 03/04/2017 10:42 pm
Dude I just realize that your twenty three days older than me. lol Cool.
Allyson_The_Ally_Cat Report | 01/02/2017 2:59 pm
thank you hun. heart
Pack-A-Bowl Report | 12/26/2016 5:25 pm

I wanted to give a moment to send you a link from Gaia that I just happened to find
on a freebie forum of what gaia_gaiagold AIA sometimes release.
I thought it was totally cool that I didn't want to keep it to myself... SO I SHARED!
Don't forget there is scammers out there that will play you for a fool
and I assure that this isn't one of them but I need to point that out
because there are still new people that get on and still doesn't know
that they could get hacked from a link. Since I have spare time,
I really don't mind sending the good word out there! CHI!
gaia_angelleft Packy gaia_angelright
arrow CLICK ME! gaia_gaiagold
Pack-A-Bowl Report | 07/21/2016 7:42 am

Noice noice, Watching episodes of "Stranger things" on netflix.
It's kinda odd. I'm messing with my avatar while watchn
and figured I popped in and send a herro. You know. :3
Ooooh waifu? :3 Sweetness. Congratzzies!!!
Pack-A-Bowl Report | 07/21/2016 6:37 am
What's up?


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