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☆ " Time is precious, waste it wisely "

★ "Asterisci" is Latin for "Little Star"

Marisa / ENFJ / Gemini

★ previous usernames:
Eternal Starry Sky

☆ yes, I do have: Kik, Skype, FB, dA, instagram

★ people I love [ no order ]

Paige, Kai, Chow, Tobi, Nina, Tia
You guys have all my trust. You're all amazing in your own ways and don't stop being you.

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★ I don't hate people, I hate the actions they choose to take

☆ likes:

Blue. Art. Poems. I love when the starry sky reflects off calm seas. Dubstep is great, so is rock. Icecream. Sweets. Travenling. Anime/Manga. Food. Heights. Rock-wall climbing. Stars. The sea. The sky. Partying. RPG games. music stuff: Smallpools, Two Door Club Cinema, Jeff Sontag, Fall Out Boy, Two Friends, Proximity, Emarosa, Imagine Dragons, Sir Sly, Matthew Koma, and some others.