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Birthday: 11/12


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Click here to view the art I have drawn... wink


Why So Shocked?

My Guild... I Need more crew and VC's Your right to exsist is in danger, come protect it!




Birthday: 11-12
Brown hair
Blue/Green Eyes
I Love Kingdom Hearts
I'm writing my own book
Kinda childish at times (If you don't like it Tough!)

Favorite Top Characters:
1. Mickey Mouse,
2. Jack Skellington,
3. Sora,
4. Roxas/Ventus,
5. Xion
6. Axel/Lea,
7. Venom,
8. Ichigo,
9. Spiderman,
10. Deadpool

Okay down to the dirt. I like anime, if it''s one I like but has girly appeal, my awnser to you is "If you don't like it then that's just too bad." Anime is Anime, and that's my opinion. I Love Kingdom Hearts More than anything, I have (Played and Beat 100%) All of the normal games, if I had the money I would probably have the Final Mixes and the Manga. I is Poor boy... Anyway. Loz Majora's Mask is one of my other favorites as well, that and Classic Spyro the Dragon and Classic Crash Bandicoot not any of this new stuff. I have my own guild Called Hawks Edge, it's a guild where you can do whatever you want still getting some pre-catagories up but after that it's all requests from there. I like dark things, it makes me think differently than my usual happy go lucky self, and before you start going "Aster I didn't know that about you!" What I mean is things like plots of games and all that. Like majora's mask for example The game has several rumor and such, considering things like the dead happy mask salesman and his influence on the town. If you have heard that story then you can see my point... anyway the Real plot of MM is that you are trying to save the world from being devastated by meteor or something (Would make for a great anime) by using these masks that turn you into the creatures they resemble, at the same time it gives them kinda a second chance. any way thats all for "About me" update...


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xShadowsKissx Report | 05/12/2013 2:15 pm
Heya Aster- wanted to stop by and say I love your profile and drawings XD I also enjoy drawing manga so I can appreciate your artistic ability. I'd love to read your story too btw <3



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This is Where I will say and do what I want... Opinions are ok as long as they are not Violently Graphic.

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