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What am I wearing?

Can I have it plzzzz?


About Me...

Most stuff is in the interests area, but I like drumming, am in jazz band at my high school and marching band as a snare drum player as well as drumming in my basement but that is just me sort of having fun XD. I am picky about good books but when I find one it isn't set down until it is finished (except for when I want to eat) literally in many cases as I have chosen not to sleep for 2 school nights in a row to finish a series XD. Food is another interest, I really love any kind of good food but prefer my steaks or grilled yellow onions are a favorite too. Or sauteed mushrooms and onions. maybe on the steak. with the grilled onions on the side. Favorite drink is probably raspberry iced tea, although most common drink is pepsi, and favorite band camp drink is power ade. That is pretty much all I can tink of now but may add more later!.
Astaroth Hlallu