Things you should know about me.

1.) I love my right hand.
2.) I hate it when people think I'm fake.
3.) I'm not the kind of guy who sends n***s whenever somebody asks.
4.) I dislike ignorant people who can't spell, speak, or type properly.
5.) My favourite fruit is a strawberry.
6.) I've dated girls in the past. And, the girls I chose were big mistakes.
7.) If you try to lie to me, good luck gaining my trust back. You probably won't get it.
8.) I love kittens.
9.) I flirt with every guy I meet.
10.) The thought of death scares me.
11.) I pout a lot.
12.) I cry a lot.
13.) I get angry or frustrated with myself when I can't get what I want.
14.) I'm kind ofvery selfish.
15.) I get jealous of my friends when they're happy in their relationship.
16.) I get jealous of my friends when they're single and happy, and I'm in a relationship.
17.) I hate people who try to ask for pity because their "life isn't fair".
18.) I hate people who do drugs.
19.) I hate underage drinkers/smokers.
20.) I don't appreciate "your mom" jokes. Whether they're 'jokes' or not.
21.) I'm a bit of a pessimist sometimes.
22.) I don't always speak what I'm feeling.
23.) I cry over almost everything.
24.) I'm afraid of not having anyone to call 'my own' in my life.
25.) I wish life was easier.
26.) If I am in a relationship, I don't flirt with other boys.
27.) If I say "I love you", I'm not using the term loosely.
28.) I take things too seriously.
29.) I'm a bit of a hypocrite sometimes.
30.) I hate homophobes.
31.) If you tell me "stop being so emo", ******** off. If I'm depressed, I don't need you calling me names. That won't help my mood.
32.) I'm horrified at the sight of blood.
33.) I'm submissive and usually give into fights.
34.) I get over-attached to people.
35.) I grind my teeth a lot.
36.) If I cry too much, I get sick.
37.) I hate most of my ex boyfriends/girlfriends.
38.) I'm sure I suffer from anxiety, but I haven't seen a therapist or whatever about it..
39.) "YOLO" is stupid. Shut the ******** up.
40.) I think I'm bipolar : D

About Meeeeee~ : D

Hi, I'm Drew. I'm 20 and I'm gay. I'm just thinking if I put that out now, I might not have to deal with as many homophobes ^_^
I was born and raised in the UK, but I moved to the US and I'm currently living in Maine with two of my friends. Uhmm.. I like photography, but I don't do it at all anymore
I'm vegetarian, but sometimes I cheat by eating seafood.. I like adventure and flailing my arms and hugs and p***s.. : D ....mostly p***s.. v.v;;
And I love crumpets :3
And I don't bite <usually>, so feel free to talk to me :3

P.S.- I'm single.



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