Hi there. I'm Aspen. You can call me Soni if you want.

I do my best to be friendly, and I can have a bad problem of rambling off.

I have mild situational social anxiety, so I usually have to be approached first before I talk. Be forewarned that I rarely initiate conversation myself, so do not expect me to come to you for conversation. I don't mean anything by it, I just feel like I might bother people.
Get me started on a subject though and I tend to ramble. XD

I am an artist and have been for several years. I prefer traditional art, but I rarely do it anymore.
My art blog is over here.
If you come to ask me about making art for you, please don't. I don't care how much you're bribing me, I no longer feel it's worth the effort and stress it brings me to draw for Gaians on command due to past experiences over my years of playing.

I play many different video games, from Animal Crossing and Pokemon, to Portal to World of Warcraft (for the Horde!), and can generally just about play anything and find some enjoyment in it. Feel free to ask what I'm currently playing.

Like my tastes in games, my taste in music varies wildly as well. It'd take me ages to list off what I like to listen to. Let's just say it goes from Imagine Dragons to Daft Punk, to K-pop to Silent Hill music and all over the place otherwise.

Anyway, I think this is all good and such and I should wrap this up. Hope that gave you a bit of insight into me if you read all that.