My name is Jessica, Call me Jess
I am 18
I can be dorky, spaztic, quiet, shy, loving, loud, mean, sometimes boring, optimistic, smiley, and I have a great outlook on life.
My favorite color is teal

I like to read lots : )
Animes and Mangas has been one of the greatest things I have watched//read.

I have two brothers, me = middle child
Problems are going on between my mom and dad but I still love them equally

I am fairly po' = to poor to afford the "or" lol my mom came up with that one!!!x 3
But being po' has made me the way I am : )

So me and that dude broke up, we are great friends still and I am very thankful he still wishes to be part of my life :0
I am a boyscout - Venturing Crew= Co-Ed

Hit me up on Ernya:Ashagal or Tinierme:Amato
I also have a Facebook and Myspace, feel free to add me, just pm me first razz

I love Maine, living, wolves, internet, friends, family, eating, running, hiking, and Camp Sinoquipe : )

I just graduated from the worst school ever : D
I am going to be going to college, only it will be next fall cause I really don't have enough money to yet, BUT I do have a job! Two actually.... :
I've understood that money is important in the world since I was little and really REALLY want to start my life in the big world!! : D

There is only three things that I really wanna do in this world, one of them is to be a great parent like my mom has been for me and my brothers. Another is to be a widely known in some way shape or form, and the last is just to make a difference in the world. I believe now, more than I ever have when I was younger that I was meant to do great things with my life and I am ready to do so : ) I am ready for my destiny!

I am a fan girl of Kakashi Hatake x D
Butters is another favorite character of mine : )
So is Inuyasha - still in love with that anime!! x 38
Hana-Kimi, Absolute Boyfriend, and Kaikan Phrase are pretty much my favorite mangas : )

My best friends : ) - on gaia (in no particular order)

Alex: He is THE BEST!!! Always makes me laugh and smile, we share dirty secrets with one another and you all will worship our names!!! Love him like I do : ) it's hard not to.

Dan: Dan has been one of my best friends since I moved to Pa, he is an amazing artist as well as a person and I love him as well : ) He's really down to earth and mainly one of the only people I let poke me lol

Ashley:Urm I don't know if she get's on here much anymore but she is amazing! ^^ She has the most insane hair and I wish I had it!! D :> She is also someone that I love : )

Melissa: She is my neighbor and one of my best friends, her and her sister are suppery-duper crazy and make living in this hell-whole worth while!

Cassidy: She's Melissa's older sister and like I said suppery-duper crazy lol I love them both ^^

Devill: Lol, so I never really learned his name....going to have to do that... but he has been there for me and he is the best as well smile honest enough to say I love him too lol And he still calls me Ash from my first account! x D8

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your avi<3
Princess Semiera

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Princess Semiera

Thanks for buying come again!! ='D whee
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xX Evil - Leprechaun Xx

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hey! its me Tobi! remember me ^.^;; ?

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thanks for buying. biggrin

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heh, yea the songs pretty good...its a thing inm the Corps...most marines are lancecorperals for so long we got get out as one so were terminal lances...most likely ill end up as one but ill tr6y not to
X-Kai Uchiha-X

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X-Kai Uchiha-X

X-Kai Uchiha-X

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X-Kai Uchiha-X

really lol yah that movie was awsome XD
X-Kai Uchiha-X

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X-Kai Uchiha-X

over new years it was awsome u