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Welcome ^^

Hello =3= ,
My name's Serena. c; Pleasure to meet you.;3


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Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 1:02 am
Faded Spirits
sounds fun lol
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:44 am
Faded Spirits
what ya browsing? huh huh tell me XD
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:33 am
Faded Spirits
o he left for awhile he got tired of gaia owo idk why tho, the strange thing is we are friend i see him now and then, anyway enough talking about him > surprised lets talk about me who needs him anyway lol jk jk
im gonna go to towns 2 for awhile and stalk some people c:< hahaha if u want we can meet up there o:
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:24 am
Faded Spirits
oops i meant to say "i hang out with my friends ir" haha i mess things up all the time
ooo u know robotic bunny o: he's on ur friend list he's also my friend
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:21 am
Faded Spirits
read manga and watch anime most of the time and sometimes play on gaia and friend random people, hang out with bunny and my friends owo
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:09 am
Faded Spirits
haha yea i know i would guess its around the 100bil's owo just guessing lol
anyway so what do u like to do in ur spare time? or just anytime?
Faded Spirits Report | 07/30/2014 12:05 am
Faded Spirits
haha sorry if i make it sound like im wanting u to get me something cause thats how it kinda sounds to me sorry let me rephrase that "idk how much it is" there we go lol
Faded Spirits Report | 07/29/2014 11:59 pm
Faded Spirits
its for my dream avi idk really how much it cost owo i already got like two items for it but i still need the rest if u want to know what they are its in my profile on my wish list lol
Faded Spirits Report | 07/29/2014 11:54 pm
Faded Spirits
just trying to earn gold for my avi,
its nice to meet u sorry for the random add
Faded Spirits Report | 07/29/2014 10:31 pm
Faded Spirits
ello owo whats up?

The monsters come out from hiding, children cower in their beds. The light of the world is slowly sucked away by the falling sun. Your heart pounds, your palms start to sweat. The dark always brings new soul-sucking creatures.But then you look around, and notice nothing is there. You realize the evil lays within, the monsters are inside, you realize this all, As Darkness Descends. =3= Serena Simpson

Le poop.