my choice of song

Fallen Porno

Thank you for everything you have ever done for me, bby
I couldn't have gotten anywhere near where I am now without you. <3


amazing art by ducklicker

Hi, im a girl.
Call me ash or coonbro or w.e
im rearing on 20 june 7th
im hella gay and dating jesskaespy
im a student studying english and CD
i like to do things so we can prob find similar hobbies
i have a sheltie puppy named sophie
shes pmuch the cutest thing ever
message me about shelties and i will love you
I collect chelsy the collie and my sissy the sheltie

um you can message me on stuff
kik: articunbro
snapchat: articunbro
League bs: MorganMare
message me for my skype
you can pm me if you want idc i like talking
i have a lot of friends but im too eh to put them all on
i dont want to hurt peoples' feelings so i stick with only 2
uh i will add more later