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Delightful Night-Fall Report | 11/29/2014 5:05 pm
Delightful Night-Fall
Heyyy Its Jessi Report | 12/23/2013 7:55 pm
Heyyy Its Jessi
thanks for the buy =^.^=
Princess Marshmilo Report | 06/09/2012 3:40 am
Princess Marshmilo
Thanks for buying heart
KitKittenChan Report | 04/28/2012 2:01 pm
hello there im here to answer ur question about my raving rabbit >w< notice the description saids raving even after death? it means that coffin is for her it's also her bed XD
xXmailboxieXx Report | 12/21/2011 2:14 pm
Thanks for the buy!
Bloodkissed_Dreams Report | 12/06/2011 3:36 pm
Thanks for the buy! biggrin
thatonekid1 Report | 05/06/2010 2:23 pm
Oh my goodness I can't believe I never responded to thiiiss D8; Forgive me? Anti-depressants well because uhh............................im not sure o3o I figured you know it's time to stop feeling like s**t. lol. So; yeah. So like I said before you need to get an MSN D; pleeaseee. And I'm still working at the arcade o_o how've you been as of late? it's been a few months and I haven't really messaged you >.o I'm so sorry. I have a bunch of like...medical things lol still. Oh well. I'm working on it!
thatonekid1 Report | 05/06/2010 2:21 pm
You need to get an MSN O;<
Master Feline Report | 01/22/2010 12:15 am
Master Feline
Happy birthday!
thatonekid1 Report | 01/08/2010 9:40 pm
My pictures tend to do that to people :C Sorry im so delayed. Thanksgiving was awesome hanging out with my cousins and what not >w> Christmas was just as fun the presents werent just the hanging with the cousins was xD. >> Lets just say i gave my cousin a uh...black eye? if you ever do go back to my myspace you see pictures tagged x_X; and uh like ;x I turned 20 on the 5th Lol...happy belated birthday to me!? biggrin Yes..Lol i think your birthday is up next or it passed? I dunno i fail. :X do you have MSN by any chance? :/ im sure ive asked this already Dx but yeah i also forgot what i was going to say Dx..again sorry for the delay <3 Oh oh and im on anti-depressants now Dx...





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Arsenic Reaper
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