Birthday: 09/14


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The Lythcol Mechanic saluted & stuttered, "I-I'm Arron Straight! I am the-the Head Lythcol Mechanic aboard the galactic cruise liner, The Gryphon!"

He dropped his salute & blushed, mumbling, " I am not-t really g-good w-with in-introductions... I-I guess I-I should work on that. I-I'm stranded here... And... And I-I want t-to find a-a way... home..."

Arron opened the Toolbox pulling out a small vial of blue liquid. He downed the contents, grimacing at it's taste. "Y-You should st-stay away... I-I'm a... mon-monster..." he whispered, with a grave expression gracing his face.

Arron is an Anon Mule for "Arron the Lythcol Mechanic". He is a mechanic that fixes broken hearts. If you have received a message from this shy young man, please feel free to thank to him. As shy as he may be, he loves talking to people.


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MageQueenHoshi Report | 10/25/2015 1:00 pm
*kisses his cheek* Thanks so much for the gift.
Jules The Cute Report | 10/23/2015 6:16 pm
Hey there, thank you again for the message and gift. <3 very sweet
Morhidia kanibul Report | 10/23/2015 5:34 pm
Ӄєє℘ ℂ Ⱥ ℄ Ϻ Ί Ðɵℵ•'ϯ ɓiϮә Ӈ ค ℜ ɖ !User Image


User Image
☪ .B .U .M. P. ☪

* ty -hugs-

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Whispering Minstrel Report | 09/19/2015 9:50 pm
It. Is. ON. You will never know when. But when it will know.
Whispering Minstrel Report | 09/19/2015 4:08 am
Oh my gosh dude, your avi looks AWESOME!!! PLEASE SAVE THIS ONE, I WANNA DRAW IT LATER!!!
MageQueenHoshi Report | 09/14/2015 7:18 am
Happy birthday, Arron! yum_strawberrypie
Whispering Minstrel Report | 09/14/2015 7:18 am
Happy Birthday Arron! emotion_bigheart
Radiant Anon Solsi Report | 09/14/2015 6:48 am
"Happy birthday, senpai." *holding a cake with a candle in it*
MageQueenHoshi Report | 08/11/2015 8:14 pm
I think everyone should have a mechanic these days!
Oppososaurus Report | 07/30/2015 9:56 am
Thank you! <3