I'm a grown up.
Mostly I'm on Gaia for events and to RP.
My guild is hella tight Here.

I'm a feminist. Don't ******** with me.
I'm a socialist. Don't ******** with me.
I'm an Ace. Biro. Don't ******** with me.
I'm a writer. Don't ******** with me (you'll die in a story).
I'm an Adult. Ground.

Because I'm a ******** inspiration!

Arrieth Wrote:
Captain Kadoodle Wrote:
I don't have a god.

[b]You're missing out on all the bigotry, hate, blood and closed-mindedness!

Arrieth Wrote:
Son of a Jotun Wrote:
Arrieth is a c**t.

Name dropped!

Arrieth Wrote:
Infected Girls Wrote:
Arrieth Wrote:
Maybe you should have voted for Nader, you socialist whore.
Yea, it's too bad I'm too young to vote. smilies/icon_neutral.gif

You should work on that.

Arrieth Wrote:
Poppycawk Wrote:
I dont see any hidden social commentary.
I see big fat queery lesbianism.
Thats all.

I didn't see Justin Bieber in that video. :/
Should I have looked harder?

Arrieth Wrote:
1) Rights are relative, not absolute.
2) Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.
3) The government is not responsible for your irresposibility, jackass.

ozrocks_ILE Wrote:
Arrieth Wrote:

wat iz ur fav book?

litrasee fer dumeez.

Arrieth Wrote:
Ugh some one bring me some cigarettes. And an alcohol.

Arrieth Wrote:
It smells in this thread. . .

. . . quite like AIDS.

Arrieth Wrote:
Son of a Jotun Wrote:
I find it hard to believe that after all this time, you're a trekkie.

Alright, I've admitted my addiction, now it's your turn, Captain Yanksalot.

Arrieth Wrote:
Your sig made me barf inside of my mouth a little.

Arrieth Wrote:
I'll teach you with bunnies, for the holidays:
The boy bunny has a thing called a p***s.
He puts that into the girl bunny's v****a.
Then the bunny's husband comes home to find his wife in bed with his brother. He shoots them both and drowns the kids. It's a sad day for the backyardigans...

Arrieth Wrote:
Not. Enough. Buttsex.
That is the review for that movie in three words.

Arrieth Wrote:
22.)Where would you bury hidden treasure if you had some?
In my back yard, with the severed heads of the last people who asked me that question.

Arrieth Wrote:
I just laid an egg.

Arrieth Wrote:
Oh of course.
Burn the s**t out of that thing.

I think we should gather a shitload of people, all print out something related to the book/movie/fagfandom/etc. and all strike a match and burn them together!

It will be big and environmentally friendly. = D

Arrieth Wrote:
My top hat makes me feel dapper. My dad is on the crapper. Ex-friend, I'm gonna slap 'er. Bugs died by the zapper. Gotta go to starbucks, get my frapper. Goodbye children, time for my napper.

Boom. Poetry queen.

Arrieth Wrote:
Loned Rose SC Wrote:
Your Crap For Saying That!

I don't understand why you would attempt to start a sentence about "My crap," do you know my crap? How can you say awful things about my crap without sitting down for a chat first!

Arrieth Wrote:
This salad, would you like it . . . tossed?

Arrieth Wrote:
Vampire Rebirth Wrote:
John McCain. smilies/icon_mad.gif

Shut up and bend over for Barack, b***h.

Arrieth Wrote:
Answer me! But if I don't like your answer, you get a steel-toe boot in your a**.

Arrieth Wrote:
Dr Nemesis has diagnosed this with SCIENCE.

Arrieth Wrote:
I have the same problem.
Only it's a lizard.
And he is dead.
And there's no confusing him with apple juice.

Arrieth Wrote:
Ha ha.
You said "come quick."

Arrieth Wrote:
Me: Oh yeah. Put it there.
Kale: Okay. *Throws Fifty Shades of Grey in the trash*
Me: Yes. Good.

Funny Things My Friends Have Said
Because they're noteworthy as well

Son of a Jotun Wrote:

I just jizzed in my pants a little.

. . .okay. A lot.

I'd be a tree.

But since I'm short... I'd look more like a shrub

Son of a Jotun Wrote:
What works best on morons with area codes and phone numbers in their damned names?

Son of a Jotun Wrote:
Oh. My. God.
That picture made me wet myself.
In more ways than one.
Wookie, you win this round. You do.

Son of a Jotun Wrote:
You're just mad because the wii fit hates fat people.

[quote:2a081876c8="Son of a ********!
I understood that!
I'm a nerd.[/color][/size][/quote]

[quote="Son of a Jotun"]Are you talking about Pokemans or STDs?

Son of a Jotun Wrote:
Get out of my dog you b*****d!

Son of a Jotun Wrote:
my grannmammie says horrible things abt me being queer but i actly dont kno if shes kidding???

Arrieth, whose real name is Jessi, was born and raised, despite rumors of it being a bottle of soda, at Disney World.
She's been an insane and hyperactive person for 21 years and counting.

She was born to parents Napoleon, Alexander and Mel Brooks and will one day conquer the world in their footsteps. She believes it is indeed good to be the king/emperor/great.

She enjoys tv shows, Star Trek, long romantic walks on the beach, and devouring the souls of her enemies. She also likes to read real books, shoot laser beams from her eyes and run a superhero daycare center where DC characters aren't allowed until their bigotry stops, and all the queer folk get to sit in the front..

There is a female mouse named Cecil who lives in Jessi's desk. Her name is Cecil because Jessi does not give a ******** about your gender norms.
There is a racist glob of goo that does not like "your kind", and lives in the refrigerator. It also thinks you are fat.

Another important fact about Jessi is that she is destined to marry all the pretty boys and girls. And they do not know it yet.

In the year 2003 she trained at the academy for People looking to later do nothing special with their lives. She passed with flying failure.
From there she took her imaginary degree and went to a shitty middle school where she made many friend. Like 2 friend. Those awesome friends were collected when she covered herself in honey and rolled around the school and people stuck to her. They are no longer attached to her via sticky bee-made products, but through a close-knit friendship-and-threat system.

In the year 2006 she began attending the establishment people who train to torture teenagers call "High School" there she learned what a lot of homework really was, and where to collect bigots and misogynists for crossbow firing practice.

As her career as a useless person in High School society trudged on, alongside people such as Pools-of-gray-water, Capricornie and Jefferson Davis, she became less social and more of a charismatic sociopath.
In the year 2007 her friend was kidnapped and taken to England for some sort of ancient ritual that was centered around revenge for the war of 1812. Which the Americans only pretended to win, b-t-dubs.

That friend occasionally returns from England with plenty of stories and sadly no accent.

In going into her senior year of the Starfleet Academy, no, yeah, that was definitely what I meant, Starfleet Academy, and afterward pursuing a career in either history, she did the college bit.

In her future, Jessi plans to attend college, graduate from college, drive away from said college with slow and sad music playing as she looks out the back window of a taxicab with a single tear rolling down her cheek, then start a profession. This last part is harder than she expected - she is learning in 2013.

Well, since we seem to have covered all there is to know about Emilio Estevez Jessi, I'll leave you with some words of advice, direct from her:

"Life is like a box of chocolates, everyone wants one, but it's especially nice when someone buys them for you just so you'll sleep with them. But you don't have to. You don't owe them your body! GIRL POWER!"

"Life is so ******** up, even Naruto doesn't believe it."

"Life is like Santa Clause, a ***** who shows up to hit on you at Halloween Horror Nights."

"Life is like pea soup, no one can do it."

"Life is like a b***h who makes up s**t about you behind your back and only lies to you and is two faced and stupid: sometimes you gotta drop it and get a new one."

"Life is like a million fire ants covering and biting your body, ouch."

"Life is like William Shatner, still kicking your a** after all these years."

"Lastly, life is like this ABOUT ME section, a big ******** waste of your time, but still pretty ******** funny,"

Things Jessi's friends have learned after their time knowing her:

Rachel learned:
• It's dark as s**t outside.
• Maybe let's not do the thing with the ID.
• Jessi makes some movies tough to watch.
• We can love and hate something at the same time.

Ellie learned:
• to say "IDK my BFF, Jay?" as a response to almost anything.
•That no matter how far you are from the idiots, they're only a myspace url away.
•It's better to have loved and lost than loved an inanimate object.
•If you quack at tourists they think they did something wrong.
•Florida is it's own country.
•Jessimacuh is the bestest friend EVEERRR <33

Sophia learned:
•how to make lists on how lazy we are in order to procrastinate on our middle school science projects.
•how to have multipersonality disorder...TO THE EXTREME!

Oshkoshmgosh learned:
• Just when you think Jessi's getting serious, she starts talking again.
•It is possible to be stupid and smart at the same time.
•They breed elephants beneath the Eiffel tower.
•Green people have feelings but you shouldn't care about them anyhow.

Kale learned:
•Arrieth is Elven for "Learn how to speak Elven, dumbass."
•Booger is the second greatest nickname ever.
•Moses tells bald-headed lies.
•Disney Channel movies make for the best bonding.
• Both of us can marry Emilia Clarke.
•The strangest people live inside the internet.
•Jessi lives inside the internet.
•If you fart inside a glass bottle and throw it it makes for great biochemical warfare.
•You'll never make better friends than RP buddies.
•Chekov has nice legs.

Sisi Learned:
•That she is in fact a traffic light wearing a crochet hat.
•That Jessi deserves the greatest person in the world but they'll never deserve her.
•That Jessi can do all the accents after only a season of Star Trek.
•That the Portuguese collect friends using duct tape and fly paper then make them pay for lunch on their own birthdays.

Before I end,
I leave you with this:

Now that you know Jessi
well, for the most part
you'll probably disappear
just like a ghost fart
or maybe you'll stay
and have a little chat
you know what you can
so that should be that
but I must send you off
with one tiny little detail
be good on yer internets
don't listen to Kale.


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The life and Times of Arrieth

My crazy a** mind and everything that comes to it. Warning, there are alot of really crazy, stupid and pointless things in this journal. Just letting you know, there will also be alot of complaints and wickedly funny retarded things i do! woot!



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Anxious Dreams

Yeah I just decided to get back on here since I have NOTHING to do. Plus I need to procrastinate for my anatomy final.

How you be?
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Anxious Dreams

o hai thar!
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Your response in my aquarium literally made me laugh aloud.
Thank you for brightening my day!

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Thank you for purchasing Shepherdess!! :3
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Android Amber

Seeing a few of your posts, your sig, and now your profile, I have come to the conclusion that you are awesome. Congrats!
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HAU HAU HAU! -cigarette-
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How's life down by the beach?
-its like dat-

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-its like dat-

thanks for the buy

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