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About me...

I like unicorns. Sparkly unicorns, ideally. But even unsparkly unicorns are worthy of my love and adoration.

I'm terrible at editing profiles.
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When I'm in a good mood, I draw. This is rare. Rarer than new unicorn items.

My Pending Tickets:

Whimsical Spirit--A centauri recolor of Sunset Spirit User Image -- MRT order sent 1/8/17! Waiting for approval.

See mocks below:
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

Filly of Your Daydreams--a Starlit recolor of Man of your Nightmares User Image--Double Rainbow Ticket order sent 12/1/16! Ticket approved 2/10/2017! Waiting for official mocks! 3nodding
See my terrible mocks below.

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

My Completed Tickets:

Gamma Centauri--a robin/white recolor of Alpha Centauri User Image --Mini Rainbow Ticket Order was sent 9/23/16! Ticket approved 11/13/16! Mocks received 12/3/16! Revisions were requested.
emotion_kirakira Item received 1/24/17! User Image emotion_kirakira

Sparkling Pony--a robin/white recolor of Poisonous Pony User Image -- Order form sent 9/1! Ticket Approved 10/4! Mocks received 10/23! heart
emotion_kirakira Item released 11/15! User Image emotion_kirakira

Tickets I am currently questing:

-Mini-Rainbow Ticket x1 (a collaboration)
Recoloring Sunset Spirit User Image again, in Nephilim (offchrome + vintage gold). See rough mocks below:

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

-Baby Golden Ticket (a collaboration)
Still playing with mocks. Will be a centaur body.

Tickets I may quest in the future:

-Double Rainbow Parcel Ticket
....One day. It would be a starlit unicorn themed bundle.

Rowan the Fawnicorn--a robin/white recolor of Juniper the Fawnicorn User Image
User Image

Serene Prince of Solair--a robin/white recolor of Jealous Prince of Solair User Image
User Image

And if i ever get my hands on a Rainbow Kindred Seal...

[KINDRED] Thea the Light Unicorn -- recolor of [KINDRED] Thea the Unicorn User Image User Image
User Image

My Signature

You can check out both my avi art and my pending tickets (with my terrible mocks) via my profile!

Thank you, anonymous benefactors, for the lovely items! heart I shall endeavor to be more generous myself and pay your kindness forward!

Questing (another): User Image
5.7T/ ???T


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l l a m a p a c a Report | 01/10/2017 9:09 pm
l l a m a p a c a
love your avatar
it's so magical girl-looking emotion_kirakira
Burnt Plastic Report | 01/03/2017 4:32 pm
Burnt Plastic
cool avi
dragon_princess_ruler Report | 12/31/2016 11:52 am
ur welcome! mrgreen
have a nice day cat_3nodding
dragon_princess_ruler Report | 12/31/2016 11:34 am
hi you don't know me but i just wanna say ur avvi is amazing looking!!!
gaia_angelleft emotion_bigheart gaia_angelright
Kiro_Shinigami Report | 12/29/2016 2:00 pm
My cosmic hind looks fantastic on you! Thats what I wanted to say ^o^
Odd Cinderella Report | 12/12/2016 1:13 pm
Odd Cinderella
Indeed it is neat! heart
Odd Cinderella Report | 12/12/2016 12:08 pm
Odd Cinderella
That is the most GORGEOUS Thumbelina outfit I have EVER seen! emotion_kirakira
roselessfaith Report | 11/29/2016 9:53 pm
such a beautiful avvie
The Black Heretic Report | 11/25/2016 12:50 pm
The Black Heretic
omigosh i LOVE your avi

seriously that is so well put together i love it
Aerith Kheel Report | 11/25/2016 10:06 am
Aerith Kheel
I just see your avi in a GCD thread and I just wanted to say it's gorgeous.