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The Barton Town Police Department

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Registered: 08/27/2011

Brief Description of myself

Greetings visitors or whom is on my profile. To make your time worthy of visiting my profile, I am a gaian whom has been registered to gaia since August 27th , 2011.

My Work

Anyone is welcome to private message myself. I am a BTPD officer, In my signature below is a banner of the guild I am myself am apart of if you click on the banner it will direct you to the guild . Please take a look at it if you are Interested or wanted to know what we basically do around this site. You've may heard of our Guild because of the Guild's age or seeing us patrolling around flashrooms and such ,we've been a really great help with the Gaia community, I am not a Moderator do NOT private message me complaints or anything, Because I will not have the capabilities to help you with anything. Feel free to private message me to have a talk or stop by to say Hi or something I do not mind actually. I like Random private messages. Well beyond what I do productive as a volunteer for BTPD.

Not at work

Most places I do around when I am not doing my work.

-> Forums ( Most types you will see me in Chatterbox,Site Questions&Assistance, The Gaia Exchange and etc.)
->Flashrooms such as (Rally,Towns, Towns 2, Virtual Hollywood)
->Chilling offline
-> Listening to music. Most suite music of myself I enjoy is (Relaxing music, Country music, Electro/DM House, Dubstep, Music with a good taste kick of beat)
-> Training such as Martial Arts or at the Gym.

--Thank you for visiting my profile, and have a wonderful day. Any questions that were not stated above can be contacted to me by sending myself a private message. I will reply back to your concerns as soon as possible. Thank you.

Armour of light