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OC Information
**Updated of 01/10/2017**

Full name: Maradeline "Arma" Toulon
Other names: Arma Veritas
Date of Birth: March 16
Sign: Pisces
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Private Exorcist, Owner of Veritas' Mystic Corner
Current Residence: Bluebell
Family: Clarabelle Toulon (Mother-Deceased), Felix Toulon (Father), Solus Toulon (brother), Armand Toulon (Grandfather-Deceased), Mrs. Toulon (Grandmother-Deceased)

Physical Stats
Height: 5'6
Hair Color and Length: Dark Blue, shoulder length with side bangs.
Eyes: Slate blue
Skin Color: Fair


Arma is an independent mystic shop owner and a highly trained exorcist who had been active since 2013. Due of the lack of Geist and Daemon activity occurring, Arma decided to focus on her small business in her hometown of Bluebell. Still, Arma doesn’t miss an opportunity when she is hired to assist in a case with her girlfriend, a private investigator, and a demonologist named Ezrah.


Cartokinesis - Arma can manipulate the archetypal tarot cards and use them in various spells or summons.

Exorcism - Trained by her mentor, Markham. She uses a special sealing technique using her cards as talismans.

Cartomancy/Taromancy - An art of divination that uses Tarot cards as a medium for fortune telling, personal growth and spiritual use. Arma relies on her cards as a guiding tool during meditation.


Spiritual Intuition

Telepathy - ( Can communicate telepathically between herself and her familiars)

Additional Notes

- Arma’s mentor was a former clergyman of the church and a long time friend of her parents.

- Is good at playing the piano and the flute; and is avid snow globe collector

- Her favorite music groups are Blackmore’s Night, and Poets of the Fall.

- While she loves children, she is not ready to commit to the idea of having them.

- Due to an incident she caused in her youth, Arma had no choice but to use Talius' power to erase the memory of the incident from her loved ones and friends.


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