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Report | 03/13/2008 6:57 pm


Thanks. Your profile is much better, however, especially with the art. -nod-
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Report | 03/13/2008 3:45 pm

Gibbons Ugof

How do you know that?
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Report | 03/13/2008 11:30 am

The Phantom Freak

lol yeah well no one else is the Phantom Freak. It's complicated.
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Report | 03/13/2008 10:41 am

The Phantom Freak

lol thanks for sharing that. Maybe...it's an optical illlluuuuusion O.o User Image

I dunno...girls send them to me. I just post them.
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Report | 03/13/2008 12:33 am

Mtn Dew Guy

yes u are top four lol

u die laughin all u want

an why am i no longer a bodyguard?

huh huh?

jeez i feel special
Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/12/2008 8:23 pm

Gibbons Ugof

Is that even possible? Closest thing to that was peeing in that toilet paper despenser...Oh, and we all went out to a chinese buffet, tonight (3 of us), and they ******** up the bathroom there, too. I didn't do s**t, but they were throwing flourescent bulbs at me, and I was takin' a s**t...crazy. So I just left. lol

I had a really fun day today, though. Although we didn't know you need a membership at the Y, so we didn't get to play raquet ball, or swim *cry* Fun s**t, either way.
Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/12/2008 8:09 pm

Gibbons Ugof

So yeah...I let that midnights chick borrow my egg, 'cause she couldn't save up for it, and I've been asking for it back...Still hasn't even replied to my mail. She's logged in everday, but I'm guessing she's just a gold-digger. *sigh*

Now I'm out 65,000 more gold. Wtf?
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Report | 03/12/2008 10:21 am


Thanks for buying User Image
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Report | 03/10/2008 1:09 pm

LabTech David

Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/09/2008 8:58 pm

Gibbons Ugof

Did you ever see the movie where Arnold Swarzenheggar was a mommy/daddy?

Got knocked up, and gave birth...I think that thoroughly answers your question.
Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/09/2008 5:23 pm

Gibbons Ugof

Not really, 'cause I have no clue why it wouldn't be funny from them falling...How old are they? Do they have problems? Either way, I don't wanna hurt your feelings.

But if they're retarded....LMFAO!!!
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Report | 03/08/2008 2:27 pm

Gibbons Ugof

Getting anxious from the no convo with Drew, lately? lol
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Report | 03/07/2008 5:49 pm

Luna Snow

i love ur profile... the pics are beautiful and it relaxes me somehow..
Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/06/2008 6:33 pm

Gibbons Ugof

Yo, lady...how's it goin'?
Gothic Enigma's avatar

Report | 03/05/2008 3:07 am

Gothic Enigma

hello kitty User Image
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Report | 03/04/2008 9:17 pm


lol *thums up* yup ur right *sigh* lol *stares at ur pick* wow u have such pritty eyes XD lol I'M NOT HITING ON U!! lol XD
Gibbons Ugof's avatar

Report | 03/04/2008 6:53 pm

Gibbons Ugof


Thank you, but my grins are so beautiful, they may as well be considered ART.
Mtn Dew Guy's avatar

Report | 03/04/2008 1:52 pm

Mtn Dew Guy

u better gots my money

thats 15k foo
Mtn Dew Guy's avatar

Report | 03/04/2008 12:27 pm

Mtn Dew Guy

hey i sent the money let me kno when i can accept it
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Report | 03/04/2008 10:49 am

Gibbons Ugof

Ha, I'm on your profile. But like...GIANT CHIBI STYLE.

Pretty sweet.
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