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Report | 07/07/2015 7:37 am

Chinami Mizuki

Good Morning, that sounds nice. Is it a call center?
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Report | 07/06/2015 5:07 pm


Just been getting ready to sell Christmas ornaments...yes Christmas ornaments...at my work. I have about 73 orders to pull before Saturday >.< If I'm not working then I've been watching movies and hanging out with friends. How about yourself? smile
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Report | 07/06/2015 11:35 am


No wonder
they have been getting crafty at their ways to make money lol
like that new feature where you can buy items from MP using GC
very smart on their part if you ask me
only problem is inflation ofcourse will happen as a result if people continue spending money

I will have to go Arlet my Lunch time is over
I will get you something good, and I will try to stay in touch by using my sister as a medium if you two become friends XD
so if that happens and you need to contact me just shoot her a message letting her know that you need to contact me
and I will try to be here as soon as possible

I hope you have a great day and be careful out there
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Report | 07/06/2015 11:23 am


You look really beautiful
Lol I am sure you two will be great friends you two have similar styles from what I am watching XD

I think you might be right, but its good to see the rainbow bring some color to Gaia
My sister dreams of the day you guys might get the rainbow belt here on Gaia XD

I dont recall bundles being worth over $10 how long has it been that way?
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Report | 07/06/2015 11:17 am


I know the feeling all too well
those old cartoons are the best
My absolute favorite Disney Silly Symphony cartoon is the Cookie Carnival

I am very surprised the rainbow has gotten popular I remember that back then not many would use it
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Report | 07/06/2015 11:09 am


then you are the same as my sister
she is 8 years younger than me but my parents had recorded lots of shows for me when I was small and I had recorded several too on VHS
and one of those shows that we presented her to was Rainbow Bright, she loved it and since then she has had a love for all things rainbow XD
She could not have the doll the same way you did but on our visit to thrift store she found the doll. That was when she was 8
she still has the doll the same way you do
you should check her profile
Chinami Mizuki

lol I feel you two might have similar views
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:58 am


lol that is quite the power of will XD
I see you have been liking rainbow items
you and my sister seem to have a weakness for those XD
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:44 am


That makes lots of sense I should have thought about that XD
mmm I dont think they can live on that weather at all
I bet you had a great time during the fireworks event
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:42 am


Plus my list of friends is really limited and you seem to be the most active
so the suspects list gets pretty small in no time XD
it is not a payback but a friendship gesture as well
though it will be harder for me as I have no clue of the new items on Gaia that might pick your eye
how are your art skills?
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:37 am


Lol Glow Sticks??
Are you going dancing XD?
That sounds great a trip to England would be amazing but I still have plenty of work so maybe I should go there next year or this August if I have time XD
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:35 am


I have to Thank you Arlet
This items fit me perfectly I actually even though that you wanted me to used them as part of a combo
You are the best!!!
I will have to play a little so I can repay you with something you might like

Thank you so much!
It seems that I am still a good detective Jaja
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Report | 07/06/2015 10:06 am


Work has been busy, just the way I like it so we can continue making good money
Also was it you who gifted me this items Arlet? I think it might be you
because they were sent the same day you commented

How about you is life going in the right direction for you too?
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Report | 06/23/2015 7:45 am


looking good Arlet
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Report | 06/18/2015 8:17 pm


Yup everything is alright over here. In an hour? Ah right time difference. Well have a good morning ( in an hour)
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Report | 06/18/2015 8:00 pm


Just stopping by to say hi!
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Report | 05/01/2015 7:27 pm

Gothic Enigma

Yep. 3nodding
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Report | 05/01/2015 7:08 pm

Gothic Enigma

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Report | 05/01/2015 2:20 pm

Gothic Enigma

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Report | 04/30/2015 6:41 pm

Gothic Enigma

Okay o.o
Well let me know what's up on Saturday then, okay? I hope you feel better by then. Take some NyQuil that cures everything xD
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Report | 04/30/2015 5:42 pm

Gothic Enigma

Will do! I could help o:
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