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Gothic Enigma Report | 05/01/2015 7:27 pm
Gothic Enigma
Yep. 3nodding
Gothic Enigma Report | 05/01/2015 7:08 pm
Gothic Enigma
Gothic Enigma Report | 05/01/2015 2:20 pm
Gothic Enigma
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/30/2015 6:41 pm
Gothic Enigma
Okay o.o
Well let me know what's up on Saturday then, okay? I hope you feel better by then. Take some NyQuil that cures everything xD
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/30/2015 5:42 pm
Gothic Enigma
Will do! I could help o:
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/30/2015 3:01 pm
Gothic Enigma
Lmfaooo! She sure is! And I may not be able to come Friday, because groceries and survival, but I could come Saturday o:
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/29/2015 7:21 pm
Gothic Enigma
YEAH AND NOT ONLY WAS SHE SERIOUSLY OFFENDING ME, SHE WAS TALKING s**t ABOUT MY PARENTS WHOM SHE HAS NEVER MET SAYING THEY'RE NOT REAL PASTORS. She is CLEARLY biased. But i don't regret telling her, because I gained the knowledge of who she really is. Ever since that "conversation" in her office, she's been treating me differently, not smiling at me as much, looking at me with disdain (she tries to hide it but it's obvious). AND I STAYED AFTER TODAY OUT OF MY OWN ACCORD BECAUSE SHE WAS SHORT STAFFED INSTEAD OF GOING HOME AT 2:30 AND THE b***h DIDN'T EVEN THANK ME. My coworker would've been alone in the back having to deal with patients by herself. At least my coworker thanked me. Her name is Gale, she's an old black lady who reminds me of Aunt Jemima. I told her about the situation that happened in the doctor's office, and she supported me 100 percent and she said "Jesus made friends with all kinds of people and he died for everyone. We were put on this earth to love one another, not to spread hate. God gave you joy, don't let that woman steal the joy that God gave you." and then she gave me a cookie out of her purse lol
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/29/2015 6:33 pm
Gothic Enigma
I told her I'm transgender, and she was very rude and disrespectful to me, not to mention ignorant and self righteous. She said "why would you want to change yourself to be someone you're not?" which is completely way off, because NOT transitioning would be me pretending to be someone I'm not, and how is that supposed to make me happy? And she also said "why would you mutilate what God gave you?" and she started ******** LAUGHING, saying "GIRL, you need to see a psychologist because there is something wrong with you girl. One day you're gonna wanna chop off your breasts, and then the next day you're gonna wanna chop off both your legs, and then the next day you're gonna wanna chop off an arm, girl that is self abuse girl and you need to seek help. Don't even go to a psychologists because they isn't even gonna help you they are all messed up themselves, no. You need to see a pastor, a real pastor, not your parents they're not real pastors. GIRL you too young to make a decision like that, one day you think you wanna do this then the next day you think you wanna do that. The bible say a man should not sleep with a man an a woman should not sleep with a woman. Do you know how many womans out there that wanna have children and can't? No girl you're too young to make decisions like that, you gonna regret it girl" AND THEN SHE HAD THE TESTICLES TO SAY "I am not prejudice against anybody, not against blacks, or gays, or lesbians, transgenders.." The only thing I regret is not punching her in the FACE. She said more, but I can't remember. She spewed out all that ignorant s**t like she knew what she was talking about and I just stayed quiet, only answering her questions, not yelling back, because she is technically the boss of the place, and if I get fired from an externship, Virginia College isn't required to find me a new one. So i just took it like a b***h. And before I left her office she told me she was going to fire me if I didn't speed up in the back, she said that laughing, of course.. Looking for a different reason to fire me so she doesn't get pegged for workplace discrimination..
Gothic Enigma Report | 04/29/2015 5:32 pm
Gothic Enigma
Yeah she turned out to be a total prejudiced b***h
3_Jade_8 Report | 04/29/2015 5:07 pm
Your avi is over the top awesome!
Arlet Porselinchild
ralinn rikugun