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Not accepting friend requests from unknown people.
Still on hiatus...
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That said..

Arilyne ["air" "ill" "in"]
Accent on the first syllable
Ari ["airy"]

ethnicity: Asian. timezone: 9 hours ahead of GMT. species: Panda.

Depends on the standards, but I think I'm literate ... most the time;
my language can get pretty ridiculous. Differs from how my condition and who the current company is.

Have learned that it's safer if literacy's not expected of me.
So, don't. -smiles winsomely-

Please stick to Ari or some alternative of Arilyne
(or for a very few, a different nickname);
if I wanted to be called by name, I'd have made it my username.
Please abide.

"basically, i'm the person who'd lurk underneath your bed.
.....'cept i hate cramped spaces and am afraid of the dark."
Underneath beds have become passé:
have upscaled to underneath my comforter — more space and puffiness.
And additional pillows.

For those who haven't forgotten nor deleted me,
many thanks. -smiles gratitude-
For those who have, farewell and goodbye. -waves-
Apologies for lack of replies; will answer soon. Soooon.

Found this for acquaintances who don't mind
wasting spending time reading out-dated self-absorbed descriptions. -shrugs-

Might make a grander profile when I'm more motivated — i.e., when I can
afford the time 'n' energy; till then, this'll do.