Life tidbit

Non coelo tantum, sed et mari suae stellae sunt.
[Not only in heaven, but also in the seas are there stars.]

This is MUAWH.
(I was stuck, not high, I swear.)

By some sort of odd luck you've stumbled across my profile. SUP. (That is still hip to say, right?) Ahem, anyway, call me Aria. I've been on this site for years. Like...Since the second year of Gaia Online actually being a thing. Yuuuup, I've been around, seen it all, youngsters got nothing on me. Aside from knowing how to use technology better than me.

Ugh. I really don't do a lot on this site anymore. Though I do enjoy the occasional role-play here or there. (Pm/Comment if you are interested). I creep the art, writing, and gaming forums mostly.(PS4, 3DS, WiiU, PC...Vita....) If you see me/meet me in anything other than that, then I was extremely bored or your forum lurked me in with promises of candy and other sugary goodness. (In which case, curse yooouuuu!)

Feel free to leave me a comment; I answer back, just slowly.