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Real Name: Ariam
Country: Philippines
Hometown: Project 8, Quezon City
Course: Computer Science
IM: Yahoo
ID: gatekeeper2012
Likes: PS2, PSP, DS, Gaia, Downloading, JPOP, mangoes, pasta~
Dislikes: Vegetables, Hypocrites, Liars, YOU (just kidding... smilies/icon_sweatdrop.gif)
Currently Watches: Kamen Rider Gaim, ToQger, Tokyo Ghoul, Aldnoah, Argevollen, Akame ga Kill, M3, Captain Earth
Currently Reads: Apocalypse no Toride, Otogi Matsuri, REverSAL, Ouroboros, World Trigger, Kamisama no Iutoori, Bloody Monday Final, Liar Game, Akame ga Kiru, Terra Formars, Tokyo Ghoul, I am a Hero, Knights of Sidonia, Black Joke, and BleachNarutoEtcEtcEtc
Currently Plays:
3DS: Bravely Default, Pokemon Y, Fire Emblem: Awakening, Kingdom Hearts: DDD, Etrian Odyssey IV

Ariam-kun is currently: playing Legend of Mana

"Don’t quit because something went wrong. Quit because you tried your hardest and nothing made it better."

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