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User ImageHello there, adventurer! Welcome to... hmm, I haven't actually thought of a name for my workshop yet. Let's just go with Aria's Workshop for now. And please don't mind the scent of smoke, I was just cleaning up after an explosion in the workshop.

Anyway, my name's Aria Cresenti, and I'm a rookie alchemist. As an adventurer, you probably want to know more about my services. Obviously, since this is an alchemy workshop, I can synthesize some items for you. I can do potions and stuff. You know, items that adventurers need.

If you want to do the synthesizing yourself, I also sell base materials. I prefer that more, that means the customer is interested in learning alchemy. Yay~

I also accept special requests, and by special, I mean those synthesis requests with specific details. Like this one time, I had a request from an old guy who said he wanted seeds that yield rainbow-colored grass. I accepted because he agreed to pay extra, but seriously, why the heck does he need rainbow-colored grass? Was he a unicorn rancher or something? 'Cause we all know only unicorns eat rainbow-colored grass, that's why they fart rainbows whenever they fly. Oh, not that I hate unicorns, it's just a weird request, you know? So yeah, just tell me the request and I'll see what I can do~

What? You said that I'm just a rookie? W-Well, yeah, but I can make basic requests. I have a lot of potential, promise! I just... makes things go BOOM when synthesizing from time to time. But I promise that it's very rare. We all learn from our mistakes, right? Heh...

If I'm not here, I'm probably at the Chatterbox forest, foraging for some ingredients. I used to spend a lot of time there in the past, so if you've already traveled there, we might have met at one point. I-I'm not good with remembering people, s-sorry. Anyway, I decided to re-open my workshop after taking a long leave, and so here I am. Hope to see you around, adventurer. Teehee~


My username is Aria Cresenti (as you can see)... but you can call me Aria (what else would you call me?). I'm just your average newbie alchemist who happened to have arrived in this timeline and found this thing called a 'Computer'.

The artworks in my profile contain my previous username. As I just came back to this site after a long, long time, if you're an artist of any of the artworks below, I'd be happy to credit you properly in case you changed usernames. I'll be re-uploading them soon.

(Artist of the Avatar Art above is Furifeina)

Random Facts You Probably Don't Care About:
(*) I'm taking up engineering. Hope that doesn't make me a geek.
(*) My favorite TV shows are The Walking Dead and Castle.
(*) I like some anime, namely Fate/Stay Night, The Darker Than Black series, Black Cat, Welcome to the NHK.
(*) My favorite novel is Welcome to the NHK. Either that or Room by Emma Donoghue. I don't know, I'm pretty indecisive.
(*) I like Mathematics. Well, most of its fields.
(*) Movie-person here.
(*) Profile music, Nefertiti, is from the video game, Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland.
(*) I enjoy playing video games. I like most action-RPGs, some hack-and-slash, few action-based survival games like the latest Resident Evil installments, and most horror games. And basically any game that has a great story. Damn, I keep sounding geekier by the minute.
(*) I am usually used to spend time in the Chatterbox forum.
(*) I tend to write short novels when I'm bored. Damn you, writer's block.
(*) I'm quite fond of FreeCell, Hearts, and Minesweeper (yes, those old games in some versions of Windows)
(*) I don't like gold begging. Don't even think about getting some from me.

I'm surprised if you actually read all of them. It's a useless section, if you ask me. emotion_c8


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