I'm Alex.

There's this other group of people in my life.
My favorite group.
They're worth more than I can give,
they're always there for me,
they're half of who I am.
If you don't like them,
I don't like you.
We have fun,
we have fights.
I love them to bits.
And everyday,
I try thinking of something new,
to let them know how much I love them.
I find it hard.
I can't believe I stand with them.
They deserve better than me.
They're my friends.


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Mae Soi

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Mae Soi

Your profile is actually the cheesiest thing I've ever read omg burning_eyes
Mae Soi

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Mae Soi

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-stalks- yum_puddi
Mae Soi

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Mae Soi

I'm gonna cry at your lack of activity.
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Psst. Alex~

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hihi alex!! i am not sure if you check gaia anymore these days but its been over a year since we last talked! that is insane. i miss you bunches and hope you're faring well! best wishes!

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I somehow rekindled my interest in gaia and.. I thought I'd just leave a comment and say hi.
I know it's been such a long time. Years.. and Years. but I'm hoping maybe you'll reply back.
I'm in UNIVERSITY now!! Crazy right?
I can't believe I'm already 19 and completing my first year...
I'm doing pre-med and trying to take as many classes as I can, in order to graduate early.
How have you been?? I really wish you'd reply... I hope you're doing well. I heard Ireland got ALOTT of snow.

like.. LOL well I was on the weather channel and they always have videos and... basically this came up.

It's been really cold this march too.. but ITS FINALLY WARMING UP. biggrin

Je suis encore a etudier.... le francais a l'ecole. even though i'm not so great. sweatdrop
I'm taking spanish this summer, and possibly studying abroad next year. I've just had a lot happen since graduating high school!! I was out living in California on my own last year- it was an experience, and I definitely think it helped me mature as a person.
ANYWAY. Again, I wish I'd hear from you. and I hope you're really doing well.



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That's good!
And yeah I am more opted for ~*books and movies*~, etc, because I am no good at talking to people!
I actually moved recently ( did I already say this?? I feel like I did ), and so I've been getting adjusted to my new town, the people, etc. It's a lot closer to the city than I was before so it's been a big change for me but I think I am adjusting well! I'm currently making plans to visit a friend over the summer who lives out of state. Also why did no one tell me highschool was so difficult??
But how have you been faring o'er yonder of the Atlantic ocean?


You, my friend, are like the wind. . .

Something I could never keep in my grasp. . .