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Likes: Video games, Downloading, JPop, mangoes, pasta~
Dislikes: Vegetables, Hypocrites, Liars, YOU!! (just kidding... sweatdrop )
Currently Watches: Ex-Aid, Zyuohger, Agents of SHIELD, The Strain, Iron Blooded Orphans, Occultic;Nine, Drifters, Bubuki:Buranki
Currently Reads: My Hero Academia, Kamisama no Iutoori, Terra Formars, I am a Hero
Currently Plays:
3DS: Monster Hunter Generations, Pokemon Sun
PC: Tales of Berseria, God Eater 2
Mobile: Mobius FF

Arcoreus is currently: enjoying freedom.

"Don’t quit because something went wrong.
Quit because you tried your hardest and nothing made it better."

If you want to ask something, and I'm AFK (which is 95% of the time)
feel free to [send me a PM] or [leave me a comment]
I'm usually playing a video game or doing something else.