I'm someone who lives in my head more than what I let on
and oftentimes, feel too old to still be on Gaia
...ok that's a bad intro


- actually busier than i seem to be so I may just disappear,
- a bridge engineer / project manager / maths tutor,
- from the Land Down Under,
- left-handed,
- born year of the Metal Sheep,
- a Scorpio,
- an INTJ,
- an on-again-off-again gamer and wannabe artist heh,
- big on puzzle/mind games and board games c:
- an avid reader
- a fan of a wide range of movie and music genres,
- easily get hooked on tv series and fantasy books ><
- a try-hard baker and cocktail-concoction'ist
- someone who's got a lot of quirks ><

...I guess you could find out the rest -
and with that I mean for us to converse first ne~
before pressing that befriend button c:


- What Intelligences are the strongest for the AAY?
- WG Advice Radio
- Generate the AAYs Drag Queen Name and Rate it!
- What do you NOT like about the AAY?
- Transform the AAY into their Paw version! (or vice versa)

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Wishlist (updated 11.24.15)
- write me something poetic
- vocaroo me a song
- draw me
- or buy me any of these babies