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Mel/Mal • West Coast • Stars and Stripes

20 | Asian | Christian
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demiromantic taken by the lovely TJ ♥ (united in pizza~)
I have paranoid-anxiety atelophobia and PTSD **
I have OCD and ADHD due to this. Plus some anger issues.

I roleplay my own characters - original characters list
☆ faith in humanity restored • listen to these sick beats

VP (recruiter • president of relations) of the Baal Family
I run the schematics of the guild in Lilith's absence.
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Whovian • Potterhead • Hunger Games
art done for me | old names HERE

live like tomorrow will never come • the future isn't set in stone

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Archduke Baal Lucifer
Baal Keeva Aisling
Duchess Baal Lilim
Lady Baal Lilith
Lord Baal Beelzebub
Baal Astaroth
Duke Baal Erebus
Baal Selene
Baal Silver Nyx
Beyond Birthday of Baal

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