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About Me - Arbeaone Rosenfuchs

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My name is pronounced as [ahrb-EY-ohn rohz-en-fʊks].

I am ahiṃsā vegan
I am pansexual
I am cisfemale
I am an INFJ type
I am an atheist

What those mean to me is that being ahiṃsā vegan, I do not want to be the cause of harm to any life, so I do not intentionally inflict hurt (physical or emotional), nor consume or use anything that is from fauna, including insects and arachnids. To me, animal life is equally as revered as human life. I, also, respect the life of flora and fungi, so, I avoid roots, bulbs, tubers, sprouts, mushrooms, and any other plants that must be killed in order to harvest it. Practicing ahiṃsā means that I also take care and act thoughtfully, trying to avoid any potential of causing harm unintentionally, and I do not express hurtful words. Being pansexual, gender identity and biological sex do not influence whether I may love or be attracted to a person. I care for people based on who they are inside, not because of the person's body. I identify as cisfemale because I am biologically a female, and I do feel as though I am, but it is also to show the most respect to those who have other gender identities. An INFJ personality type is the rarest of the Myers-Briggs personality types, it stands for introversion, intuition, feeling, and judging. This means that I am quiet and reserved, I consider future possibilities, I do what feels right to me, and I use practical judgement rather than making assumptions. I am an atheist because, though many of my views are quite similar to Jainism (as I strictly practice ahiṃsā and celebrate Kshamavani Diwas), my practices are actually personal, not for religion. I believe that life occurred naturally, and not from a creator. I try to be a good person and to be considerate to not do anything hurtful because that is the decent and right thing to do, and it feels natural to me, rather than acting as a good person in hopes of being rewarded, or to avoid punishment, or instead of doing harmful acts, and then to just want forgiveness so that misdeeds may be "undone," when the intentionally or knowingly hurtful act should not have been done at all. However, I am still considerate of the faiths of others, and I believe that religion can be good if it is beneficial to the believer's life, and not detrimental to others.

I adopt many animals who are from rescues who were previously abused, neglected, abandoned, and or have health conditions. I currently have seventeen pets (one rat and sixteen birds), and, to me, they are my beloved fuzzy children. ♥

I am very shy.. but I would love to make friends! I am always pleased to meet others!

You can find me on these other sites too!

I realize that my profiles appear to be empty, but I do quietly use them!

Facebook - Arbeaone Rosenfuchs
DeviantArt - Arbeaone
Tumblr - Arbeaone
Twitter - Arbeaone
Care2 - Arbeaone
Roliana - Arbeaone

Additionally, you can IM me!

Skype - Arbeaone
AIM - Arbeaone
Yahoo! - Arbeaone

Dream Appearance

This is my dream avatar! It will take a lot to look like a pretty little lolita princess with lots of fuzzy companions!

I will need approximately gaia_smilies/icon_gaiagold.gif 190,000,000 to complete this look, but I was able to purchase my favorite items!

However, realistically, this is what my dream avatar shall be like! This one will be doable! : cat _ whee : I will just need about : gaia gold : 30,000 to complete this look!

Gifts From Others

I give so very many thanks to these wonderful people for the gifts that they have given to me!

Ayumu Ayuzuka

gaia_smilies/icon_gaiagold.gif 60,000
With that amount, I was able to get


SHINeelover4 / K-poplover44

(Dumpster Dive)


Anonymous Benefactor
(Dumpster Dive)

Ms Enchant
(Dumpster Dive)

Yasmeen Amina Olya - O Habibi

Closed Wildflowers and Fog, With Birds and Crickets

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Sonic Cry Report | 10/27/2014 12:37 pm
Sonic Cry
Pretty avatar! 4laugh
Velvet Alchemy Report | 09/30/2014 11:45 pm
Velvet Alchemy
cool avi
The Man Who Smokes Report | 08/25/2014 1:24 pm
The Man Who Smokes
Your welcome! You have a nice day as well!
facade of reality Report | 05/15/2014 4:05 pm
facade of reality
Hi, I just wanted to say that I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I hope you feel better. I hope you find peace and comfort with good memories. heart
bootiez Report | 04/07/2014 1:47 am
the music on your profile is extremely soothing.
Boycott Factory Farms Report | 04/04/2014 2:39 pm
Boycott Factory Farms
1Sunder Report | 04/04/2014 5:59 am
Sorry it took so long to add u I been gone for years from this. Now I know my account still works I can get active again like I use to. :]
I need to edit my page first later x3
Raven of the Darkened Sky Report | 03/28/2014 8:01 pm
Raven of the Darkened Sky
Thank you for your purchase!! heart
EternityLily Report | 03/28/2014 7:20 pm

Thank you for your purchase heart
XThe PumpkingX Report | 03/27/2014 7:36 pm
XThe PumpkingX
your welcome ^_^


My name is pronounced as
[ahrb-EY-ohn rohz-en-fʊks].

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