"Did you get that out of my room?" "No..." (inside joke)

This Ctrl Alt Del strip is so me and a girl in my life!

Baroness is Love
Lisa Ann, definitely.
anime/manga/Japanese culture
hentai & porn
literate role playing
white girls with big round asses & boobs to match
my lady Paige (cause she wins)
clearly, gaia xD
pro wrestling
meganekko (glasses wearing girls)
tsundere (look it up)
long naps on warm days
video games
music (everything but Country & American techno)
staying up late
old cartoons
******** ramen noodles, b!
SP00N x3, this awesome lady~
how about a big bowlful of B L U S H E D B L A C K, because i say so xD
The Gregory Brothers and Auto-Tune the News
etc. and so forth, there's a lot more

the taste in your mouth when you drink orange juice after brushing
bad anime dubbing/subtitling
spelling/grammar errors
hard work
when people say "to make a long story short" and then they don't
waking up early
sucky updates of old cartoons
moral indecision
etc. and so forth, there's a lot more

About the Arashi Royale (available with or without cheese)
emerged into the world June 1
believes in the availability of second chances for certain people
swears like a ******** sailor all the god damn time
can't draw worth his own life
only happy while eating or after having eaten
loves the ******** out of cake, but would rather just eat the icing from the container
watches Avatar, and has a serious Azula crush for srs
*also likes a bit of Zucest (Zuko x Azula)
**ships Azulaang
knows a little about a lot
probably once of the better advice givers you might meet
has been told he's comforting
meows when you poke him =^.^=
misses the old days of Sonic the Hedgehog
*is glad Sonic 4 & Sonic Generations exist
wants a snack in 3...2...1...now
is extremely talkative about nothing
will talk to you about said nothing for hours
doesn't really pay much attention
has a me-vs-the world attitude at some moments
has a short temper
believes that feeding him will make him love you
used to watch sailor moon and retains his masculinity
likes finishing your sentences
*and your meals
also ships janine melnitz (ghostbusters) x april o'neill (tmnt)
*and spidey x black cat [mary jane, you go 'way nao, kthx]
nobody expects the spanish inquisition xD



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Actually the creepy old dude who runs the store winked at me yesterday.
s**t was super uncomfortable

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Not much here either. I don't come on gaia much anymore.
I got a job at the mall, so that's cool

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Whats up?
just plain lo

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just plain lo

like i'm just so nostalgic for 2004-2012 or so gaia before they stopped caring about the userbase; now they've released like 3 gold gens in the past 2 days :/// do you remember that game that was like oregon trail but with ships omg
just plain lo

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just plain lo

your signature is all of my feelings entirely about this site
Veunus Rahl

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Veunus Rahl

how are you?
Veunus Rahl

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Veunus Rahl

cat_ninja yum_cupcake yum_bacon

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"Sexually explicit content"
I linked an old GD thread full of n***s to current GD.
Mods didn't take kindly to it.

I missed your reply, the thread got moved
So hey, s**t, it's been a while
You're back?

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Holy crap... you're still here? It's Dar.. if you remember me. xD


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